100 Happy Days: A new year list

I’ve realised while I keep saying I do not like lists, the last year has proved in fact I do not ‘dislike’ them. I am just lazy to make them. But after getting a diary as a gift last year (it’s pretty and Chinese), I’ve actually been very excited to write my projects in it. I’ve been thinking of an inspiration for the new year and came across one that @meerasapra just shared.

100 day Happiness project
Happiness Project via 

It’s absolutely wonderful as a project. I do believe, happiness is a habit. I mean, from the opposite way, that if we keep thinking of unhappy things, we’re very likely to be unhappy. And on the other hand if we list down small things that make us happy everyday, we are likely to see more of it in our lives.

The idea itself is so appealing that I’m ready. To start now. I will pin and tweet my happiness generating moments using the hashtag #100happydays which everyone can of course see if you were interested.

I love these small projects. I feel there’s a lot in our lives that we’re grateful for, and just listing these aspects can enable a great perspective. Let’s see if I can get to the 100 though 🙂 Also, maybe in the process, I’ll try and figure out what really makes me happy- that’s a true life project, no?

Let me know if you guys want to start this project too, I’d be happy to follow and see what makes you happy 🙂

  1. Hey Upasna..I visited blogger after a very long time and your blog was first thing that caught my eye.. very inspiring project indeed..did you read book “magic’ on similar line to “the secret” it talks about this on deeper level..interesting read..

  2. I love this idea.. I experimented with the idea of happiness before in my blog; from my limited experience, it is a lot like going to the gym, mostly because you are too busy or too lazy.. Good luck to you! 🙂
    I am also starting my personal version of this, without pics.. I really don’t like to share random pics on the web.

  3. you are well aware of my ideas of Happiness and the pursuit there of. I am glad you see worth in such projects. The old me would have criticized the medium. The new me is just glad 🙂

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