30 days of Gratitude: The Internet Can Be A Lovely Place

Everyday a new Internet drama unfolds and makes me lose faith in the Internet in general. But every so often, I meet people who remind me that the Internet can be a lovely place. Once such person I met goes by the name of Jubin Mehta. He lives in a village and to send him postcards, they need to be written out to a neighborhood store, since his home is not necessarily on the postal route. (I do hope mine reaches him one day!). It began, as I was working with MIEF, and we were looking for inspirational projects in India. I came across a young team cleaning a Himalayan village. I got excited with the project and wrote to the team behind it. Naturally they wrote back and shared wonderful stories!

New 30 days of gratitude Internet can be a lovely place someplace Else Upasna Kakroo copy

I traced these same stories in Munich and met Jubin’s village friend who’s a German girl living in the Himalayan village. It felt like something I would love to do at the drop of a hat! What a wonderful set of liberated and evolved people. Would I ever give up on my city comforts and go back to the Himalayas to write? It was all so inspiring!

Jubin is also a story collector for YourStory. When I started Brandanew, I wrote him a small note and asked if I could share my story. He prompted responded and we shared our notes. After a while, YourStory wrote about us. Then Rediff did and eventually we had a TEDx invite, in a span of two months of starting up. If I ever had to give one advice to anyone starting up, it would be this- be found, but be found well. While we control how well presented we are, being found in the first place requires a lot more effort, and someone magical who can be your storyteller. A lot of things changed for us at Brandanew, with that single story and the trust that Jubin and his team showed!

On Day 12 of my gratitude project- Thank You Jubin, for helping me share my story! The Internet can be a lovely place indeed!