#30daysofgratitude: Because Some Folk On Twitter Are Kick Ass

I’m just feeling more than “FINE” today. Actually, I am feeling great. And one of the big reasons why I feel great, even though I work from home and sometimes crave a large team/ people set up, IS my online connections. Usually, on Twitter. Because some folk on Twitter are kick ass. I will name two today, who have really helped me through a lot and I feel immensely grateful for knowing them and sharing their thoughts.

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Day 5 of Gratitude: Praval

Because Some Folk On Twitter Are Kick Ass

I met Praval in a social media conference or two and then came to know that he was my NOIDA neighbour. Suddenly everything feel cool. I am so grateful that Praval shared so many of his insights, and stories with me, and thought of me as someone who was worthy as a friend. From the cab and traffic while coming from Gurgaon to Noida, to Costa coffee first with him, and then also with his most artsy wife, I am extremely kicked that this is someone I am friends with. There are few people who I want to write to when I need valuable business or work advice that I can count on. Even before beginning Brandanew, to all the times where I had jitters, Praval’s email has been my go-to inbox. And for that I am thrilled. The world is connected and some people just make it so much better! Of course Praval is a geek and likes Apple and that secretly helps too 🙂

Day 6 of Gratitude: Naina

Because Some Folk On Twitter Are Kick Ass

I met Naina because of Praval, in person at Costa coffee again. All the coolest people in Noida seem to find me there. Although I virtually met Naina on Twitter. She’s one of those famous celebrities who are exceptionally easy to speak with. Because they’re who they are. And because some of them come with Batwomen wings. Naina is the reason I started this gratitude project because, she finally pushed me to get the book. She’s also making me realize the value of sharing fully. Not just because it’s valuable to my business, but who am I pleasing by not being myself? It took me a LONG time to get that going. Whenever, I have a pesky feeling, I often DM her to get a quick response. She’s been there, suffered through it and come out stronger, braver. And that gives me an immediate high.  From my first Skype call with her almost exactly 2 years ago, to the shared tweets, comments and thoughts all over the world wide web, I feel amazed. It’s not surprising that she’s married to the most well spoken senior that I knew in school. And, I LOVE her purple hair. Sometimes, I can be a fangirl. Today I am grateful 🙂


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