#30daysofgratitude: Recounting What Gratitude Means

I’ve just managed to finish my long due 30 days of gratitude project and wanted to recount what gratitude means, for me, personally. It’s been a journey to think of and acknowledge people in my life who inspired me and made me feel more self-assured and improve as a person at work or life. It’s also been wonderful to re-establish lost connections and say what I could have said years ago. I’m more than keen on seeing life as a series of chance encounters where we share our gratitude not years later, but when we feel it.

#30daysofgratitude Recounting What Gratitude Means

Why the gratitude project was important to me?

It’s true that sometimes memories in life are like sticky notes. We meet people who influence us in many different ways and remember them only with birthday reminders on Facebook or through mom, or sometimes, not at all. What if, there was no occasion but we shared gratitude and love, because we can. Because, it makes us feel good. It’s often easy to forget our deep seated feelings of love and thankfulness towards others. Out brains take 21 days to form a habit and 30 days seal it. I started this project to work through 30 days of sealing a habit for happiness. It wasn’t entirely selfless, and that made me eager to do it, with purpose. I’m glad that I chose it. If you missed them, here’s the whole entire list again:

(Oh and there are 14 women versus 16 men. The even gender split wasn’t intentional but just happened naturally, for which I’m glad :-))

30 days of gratitude: Recounting what gratitude means with postcards!

Day 1: For my baby Riyu, who inspires me to be creative

Day 2: Dushyant Wadivkar, my husband, for dealing with my everyday existential conflict and giving me love in return.

Day 3: Rashmi Kakroo, my mother, for showing me the power of 10,000 hours of work. And just love.

Day 4: Vatsala Kakroo, my sister for making Jordan out of the Janardhan in me.

Day 5: Praval Singh for sharing so many valuable conversations and insights with me over a period of time and taking time out.

Day 6: Naina Redhu for being a fearless one with batwoman wings. For showing me the joy of being my true self.

Day 7: Ashwati Michael for having a cosmic connection with me. For being my friend and showing me what it means to care.

Day 8: Pradnya Birari for being a blessing in my life and the one true friend everyone needs. For making me stay real and caring enough to fight with me.

Day 9: Yamini Girey for sending me inspiration and beautiful postcards. For connecting with me through the blog in so many wonderful ways.

Day 10: Tanvi Rastogi for showing me how to be unfazed, even when in public eye. For being fearless and sharing so many intimate and wonderful thoughts!

Day 11: Nitin Seth, for showing me the art and science of leadership!

Day 12: For Jubin Mehta, who showed me that the Internet can be a lovely place by helping me share my story

Day 13: Reema Raina, my cousin and a guru of being able to dance even when everyone’s looking. I needed that as a child. I need it now.

Day 14: Sohini Nathak, for making my office life so much fun and showing me that there’s always time.

Day 15: Ipshita Sinha, for traveling with me in difficult and crazy times, and sharing with me the power of an optimum space.

Day 16: Vishal Verma, for bearing with me for 26 years, and asking questions that are so open and deeply involving. For helping me grow with his curiosity.

Day 17: Prakash Hari, for showing me the power of being rooted and in peace with who you are.

Day 18: Mark Lobo, who by being one of the most amazing leaders I know, has shown me new ways to push the envelope.

Day 19: Anuj Chopra, my friend, who has shown me that niceness and a hard working attitude, trumps it all.

Day 20: My dad, Uday Kakroo, who shows me his optimism and the ability to work hard, each day, no matter what the results are.

Day 21: Ken Herron, my mentor, who continues to show me the power of connectivity

Day 22: Syamant Sandhir, who has shown me the ability to sift the signal through the noise and think deeply.

Day 23: For Meena Nayyar, my fifth grade teacher who has shown me unlimited possibilities, despite teaching being a thankless job!

Day 24: For Hitesh Ganjoo, who showed me his faith. And showed me that success starts with a belief, that YOU can!

Day 25: For Vipin Kampasi, who took time out for sharing happiness and showed me the power of true encouragement

Day 26: For Rohit Mattoo, who’s helped me stay creative by discovering so many bright ideas!

Day 27: For my grandmother, Gauri Kakroo who showed me the art of winning wars and being strong

Day 28: For Shaunak Agarkhedkar, for helping me learn confrontations and passing on harsh messages when I needed them.

Day 29: Jayalaxmi Chittoor for showing me the courage of following passions and beliefs that help define my true self.

Day 30: For my mentor, Saipriya Sarangan, for inspiring me and helping me see who I truly am. Also, for being the kind of mentor, whose time I feel greedy for!

 Who are you grateful for?


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