#30DaysOfGratitude: Success Starts With a Belief That You Can

Day 24: These days, as I’ve now entered the dreaded “year 2” of a Startup adventure, I’ve been needing a little more inspiration than usual. Success starts with a belief that this feeling of uneasiness will pass too. So, this one naturally fit the bill. Brandanew began in Germany, and my first new Indian client was a Startup that I had instant connect with because I knew the founder. And I had to share his story.

My choices of people that I hung out with the most in college were usually lousy. There’s a ton of good people I did meet (that allowed me to not kill myself) but I wasted (gulp!) far too much time on redundant and sad people. Sure, when we’re adult-ing, we often say, things that don’t kill us, teach us something. They do, but my learning was that some people do not deserve your time and you were dumb and yada yada. And it’s ok not to learn anything from those experiences too. Because, you can’t change it now. If I did have to change the list of people I hung out with, Hitesh would feature very prominently on that list.

There are many things about why I wanted to take time out to acknowledge that. Hitesh showed belief in my work, very early on, when I was a month old in my new business. Not just in words, enough belief that we worked together. When I met him in January this year after our long drawn Skype calls the year before, my faith in him was restored. First, he works in the best office in the world at Hauz Khas (naturally) but more importantly, because he’s SO grounded and authentic. My only grown up learning so far has been that the only people who truly deserve success have these two qualities. I wish I knew this before. I wish I had known Hitesh before too. Who knows we could have created something together too! Maybe we will in the future, as farmers 🙂

Thank you Hitesh. Authenticity is not a buzzword. It’s what we need of more in our world. You show me why we need it. Simply because it feels right. And it takes a ton of effort to be that person. I am glad and grateful that our paths connected again.

#30DaysOfGratitude: Success Starts With a Belief That You Can Hitesh Ganjoo

Success starts with a belief. And authenticity makes it real.