#30DaysofGratitude: Taking Time Out To Share Happiness

Day 25: This gratitude thing is on a roll recently :-). I’m not complaining. I am here to share happiness. After my fight with Facebook and this need to get anonymous happened in 2012, I slowly built it back. Naturally, some people were sacrificed in the transfer. Like transferring contacts from old SIM cards, I do occasionally churn out toxic relationships. I mean anything that makes me wonder why did I ever talk to this person. Out of the ones that remain – I mean on Facebook, few have time nowadays.

It’s like those conundrums of everyday life, like Jesse points out. Technology saves us time, and what do we do with that saved time? Write or read more? Find a true connect with more people? Or just seek more validation and spend infinite time on Mashable (or the food network, you choose!) ?

30 days of Gratitude Vipin Kampasi Taking Time Out To Share Happiness

Currently I have 460 friends and my feeling is that 50% of these Facebook friends reacted to my “just got married status”. It is possible that everyone is obsessed with marriage or because people consider it to be the biggest thing that could happen to anyone, ever. It is big. But the biggest risk in my life has not been my husband. I married him because he’s perhaps the most consistent person I’ve ever known. He makes adult-ing fun.

The biggest risk I’ve ever undertaken has been with my work. I’ve left full time jobs before, but this was the first time it was to create something I didn’t know much about at all.  Being my own boss was a big deal and I am still finding my way through it all. And, among the few people that recognize that feeling, fewer on my friend’s list acknowledged that or took time out to share their support.

We didn’t really talk much through my lousy engineering degree. Lousy because I largely spent far too much time on people who didn’t have the values that matter to me as an adult. I just had poor judgement overall. But I was a teenager. I appreciate people a lot more for their authenticity, support and encouragement now.

Vipin is that guy who has been cheering from the boundaries and really made an attempt to connect with me just to share his words of support. We spoke after a decade when I was in India this time, but I drew this little happy doll in August last year. It stood out to me that he encouraged me when I didn’t know what was going to happen. Despite us not being in touch for so many years. And when we did speak this year, it was about positive and optimistic new beginnings, not catching up on random gossip that many try to find a connect with. I do believe strong people talk about ideas and opinions with their head up and hearts open. Lousy people have time to talk about others. I am immensely grateful that I’m finally beginning to see who’s who.

And I wanted to take time out to say that it means so much to me. I’m grateful for the few people who care enough to engage and take time out.

Sure, everyone is busy and has kids. That doesn’t mean anything. I’m a big believer in the fact that we’re hiding behind technology, when we say we don’t have time. When we stack up on unwritten emails in draft modes and do not respond to messages, or stop short from a reaction, it only just means that we’re prioritizing differently. And that’s ok, but it’s the truth. And while Facebook is not the benchmark for any relationship, lack of finding time to connect, even on a platform that makes it so simple just means that you’re no long there.

I am grateful for those who are taking time out so.