#30daysofgratitude: You Work Best With People You Like

Since I was French for the last couple of months, I insist my drawings will be French too. These are French but about people I met at work. With Brandanew, I struggle to keep the distance and draw boundaries. But recently, someone from my last job told me, if you enjoy it, then don’t bother. And I say this, not just because, our German adventures got us comfortable. But, also when you use Twitter for work and not fun, it’s easy to spend fifteen minutes on a friend’s tweet and lose productivity. Or, go through the mid-day zones where your creativity needs absinthe to bleed (Hemingway was also in Paris!). Balance or integration, the only way work works is the people you’re with. In the last decade of working for and with people, that’s my understanding. You work best with people you like. And I don’t mean just working naturally. My gratitude project reaches mid-way with the addition of girls who taught me all the relevant Bengali and a lot more :-).

#30daysofgratitude You Work Best With People You Like Upasna Kakroo Someplace Else

Day 14: Fellow Guild Sohini

Sohini and I spent countless hours with cups of black tea on the top of the 11th floor terrace discussing life and work like teens in angst. I don’t know if I could ever expect to meet someone quite like her. In Germany, very few people integrate work and life like they did in India. When we like them, work colleagues in India, become far more than just that. I had given up the hopes of ever finding a friend at work that I could connect with so. Tons of office politicians said so many different things, but we stay put. Whether we worked on a project together, or talked about home or our next aspiration, it was just wonderful to be understood. There’s been times where I’ve felt guilty, like not attending her wedding, or not being able to see Calcutta with her. But with Sohini, my biggest learning is, that there’s always time. That’s her superpower, because guilds in Corbett come with superpowers. And time to put the nail polish after wearing fancy dresses, only in the end.

#30daysofgratitude You Work Best With People You Like Upasna Kakroo

Day 15: Spaced out Ipshita

My absolute favorite travel in office time happened at Bombay and at McLeodganj and at Corbett. We missed a train, got a bus and just everything was plenty adventureful (all words go!). We called me Carrie and we called her Miranda. We talked about houseplants, nonsensical trivia and rock songs I never knew. Ipshita always wanted to travel, so in my random French imagination, I had to draw her with a suitcase. And, when I’d be really creative, also a plateful of Rajma-chawal and her pink canvas shoes. We all had #clapclap superpowers. Ipshita’s power came with the ability of letting space flow in. She has more brave in her than she lets you know.

Ps: the drawings are done, the postcards still need printing. I’ve been trying to find silk printing in Ann Arbor still but usually do them in a bunch, so that’s on its way too :-).