#30DaysofMusic: New Music To Paint And Write With

I’m starting a brand new 30 day project. This one’s really special. It’s probably the most creative one for me, but then we all need to stretch our boundaries once in a while right? I am going to document new music to paint and write with. The story comes from, ahem, my extreme lack of pop culture info about new music. I have grown up with a certain kind of music (mostly Hindi and a little Kashmiri in weddings), so whenever I find myself in a party in the US, I find it impossible to have a conversation on Western music people somehow ‘grew up with.’ I love the music I grew up with, but it was different and plenty people don’t necessarily know it well. So, I thought it would be nice for me to discover new music. And like Maggie Carpenter, really find out how do I really like eggs. I already have a very strong soft spot for Bluegrass and folk, but now I am open to anything from rap to punk, so please share your recommendations, if you have any!

#30DaysofMusic upasnakakroo.co New Music To Paint And Write With

How does music help me write and draw?

Music usually helps people build focus and many people write with music. I am definitely one of those who like using music to concentrate and get into a mood. I often use songs on a repetitive loop, because if I like a melody, I want to hear it over and over again. Repetition doesn’t bore me, it helps the focus. Music is naturally moving and so, it encourages me to deeply feel something. If I am going through a tough phase in life, I’ve often used music as a way to help me elevate my mental state. I often use songs obsessively depending on my mood.

As I’ve started sketching, I realize, music also makes me want to draw more and be more free flowing with my color brushes. It makes me want to explore more, be bold and courageous. You know?

I’m naturally not the only one to think of the connection between music and creativity. Here’s some research:

Obviously, it’s tricky to measure how a song can lead to increased creativity, but it’s clear that music can inspire higher brain functioning — provided you like the particular piece of music playing, that is. As long as music can get you in a positive mood and increase your arousal levels, you just might reap immediate cognitive benefits.

Music is one of the greatest ways to enter “mind-wandering mode,” which can unlock creativity.

How will the project exactly work?

I will select one song for each day. If I like it, I will listen to it repetitively and share a post and a drawing that got inspired when I was listening to it in a loop. Easy? I hope so! 🙂

How will I choose new music to paint and write with?

I’d perhaps pass songs that I already know and like. I’d want to listen to new music at this point. Any song that I hear once and want to play repeatedly afterwards will be my pick. I will try and be totally open about the genre to see what really is attractive to me. But, I do have strong feelings about music, so I will not kill myself, if I end up choosing a similar genre. The idea is to stay true to what I like.

What will the project do for me?

It’s just exploratory. I like doing small projects for fun. They give me a structure and framework to work on. And I feel that makes me more creative in the process. Any creative process requires consistency and I would like to paint and write more regularly, therefore, I work through projects. It makes me find time for things I’d like to do.

What would you recommend right away? Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything western/ a specific genre and all. But in all likelihood (without being snobbish), I would know many Hindi film songs. So maybe, those are not my first preference for the next thirty days. I can understand songs in English, Hindi and Kashmiri (where I take mom’s help, when needed). Lyrics are significant for me, so any other language is sadly out.

P.S. I’ve already started work on this!