#30daysofmusic: Sia- Under the Milky Way Tonight

As I said, I’d like to work on music for 30 days. I need project boundaries. And the very first song was shared by my husband a very long while ago, as a Facebook status in Taxisgarten in Munich. We even did our wedding reception with a biergarten-esque, under the milky way lighting. I didn’t pay much attention to the song, until our recent road trip to Glen Arbor and the Sleeping Bear dunes, in North-West Michigan. Late winter in those parts of Michigan can be rewarding. I saw snow on sand dunes and a never ending lake for the very first time. Driving back was a breeze and I do believe that this part of the country may just be thankfully underrated. We usually unburden through these long walks and drives, under the milky way.

Under the Milky Way Tonight-Upasna Kakroo Someplace Else

Walking through the woods all by ourselves, has this weird calming effect. And a lakeshore with a non-ending horizon line feels deeply engaging. There are no tourist traps, or views that are more important than the ones we casually pass by. There’s nothing to find meaning in, except the vastness of the see* to soak in. It’s liberating to feel listless and small in comparison.

I wish I knew what you were looking for
I might have known what you would find

A decade ago had someone told me that I’d be in snowy Michigan breezing in crisp air, with my car-head in a white ST, enamored by Sia and Eminem in equal measure, I would’ve laughed at it. (Changed the music, at the very least). I wish I had the power to record imaginations of my future and then map it to what it really turns out to be. I wish, I could fully let go of the need to control and know how it all pans out. I wonder which small right turn eventually put us on this lane.

And it’s something quite peculiar
Something that shimmering and white
Leads you here despite your destination
Under the milky way tonight

PS: the number of times I’ve heard this song on loop now makes me feel like I’ve known it forever.

*Besides, a German lake is called “Der See”

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