A #30daysofgratitude Project: Making Gratitude A Habit

I have to admit, it’s hard to share gratitude sometimes. Specially, when I work hard and try and finish things off my back. And some people come with annoying nonsense that makes me want to block them from my life- and I probably should. I did a small gratitude project in 2013 and am back again. As I run through the love of a Startup life that’s exhausting, I figured, I needed another run. This time, the gratitude seems tough, not because I am having bad times (which was the case earlier). But because, I am feeling vulnerable. and am using what Brene Brown calls, a shield of foreboding joy.  Sometimes, I find it difficult to feel joyful. It’s not because something crashed down, I am just unable to feel it. When things feel good, my subconscious kicks in and asks, what’s the catch? I think of the worst situations. I literally dream of spider webs sometimes, and my poor husband with a vacuum cleaner.

Making Gratitude A Habit 30daysofgratitude

Please read the book to understand this concept better. But since I have, I am going to move towards how to solve it. Leaning into joy is a concerted effort. One way to achieve it is by practicing gratitude. And I mean literally, deep felt gratitude. Gratitude is seen as an antidote to foreboding joy. Brown quotes Steindl-Rast in her book who says,

It’s not joy that makes us grateful but gratitude that makes us joyful.

Why a #30dayproject:  It forms a habit

I do 30 day projects as a habit forming exercise. It takes about 21 days for the brain to formulate a habit. In the past I have done the 30 days of writing, walking (I am there, but not fully), beauty (I usually fail on this one).

What’s #30daysofgratitude

As I described before I paint/draw/sketch these days to feel nice and creative. I decided to think about 30 people in my life, who’ve led me to my current professional and personal space. These are people who I define as “influencers” in my life. They’ve given me some or the other insight that’s changed my outlook towards things and made me a better person. I am not in regular touch with all of them, but I’d like to send them postcards – handmade of course, of why they’re important and what I am grateful for. The first set is ready :-). So, if I already asked you for your address, you know what’s coming! I will share each one on the blog on an ongoing basis.

How do you choose happiness each day?

thank you Naina for pushing me to read this book!


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