A Hockey World Cup…

I think I’m going to have to say this. I am tired of cricket.This exasperation has been brought out by the overdose especially of the 2020 variety and IPL. Saw a match nonetheless when IPL was in Delhi in the first year. But that was a team outing one doesn’t refuse, lest it features in the year end reviews. Imagine bonus getting affected cos I didn’t want to watch Sehwag wearing a Dilli jersey.
This weekend was also a big on IPL, and I had decided to avoid it completely- which I did btw. However, I went to see the Hockey World Cup Final in Delhi. Such a pity that a world cup was drowned by Lalit Modi’s gimmickry. I have to state here that I am not a Hockey person. Not that I have anything against the game, just that I have never actively followed it. Watching a live match however has its advantages. You may walk in on a random Google, but walk out with a lot more- information and excitement.
I had never seen a live hockey match and last week, I would’ve told you it was near impossible for me to watch such a match, that too a World Cup final. But it just happened. Last minute.

Australia played a great match and deservedly won. I was left feeling for the Germans, and not in an underdogish way, but in a I heart Germans way.They acknowledged the crowd in a wonderful way. I have never even seen so many German flags together in Delhi. Whether it was- cos a lot of Germany had descended to watch their team, or as Indians we were dying to oppose an Australian sporting team- was never found. The crowd though, went ooh aah even when the Germans got the ball past the centre line.
The crowd was older, far better behaved (than in a cricket match), knew the game and had a lot of sardarjis and sardar kids. The only thing irritating was whoever was doing the commentarty/ announcement was a dead duck- worse than railway announcements- atleast they have clarity. One corner of the stadium also had cheer leaders- noone else noticed them I suppose. The toilets in the stadium were soo-ohh clean (sorry had to add that, I get paranoid about crowded places in the most ordinary ways).
It felt weird that this was the national game going unnoticed in the IPL humdrum. The IPL match I had gone for had had far more crowd and a huge line to get in. This was quieter and in one sense didn’t even feel like India. Hardly any long queues. Added to the great experience, if you ask me!
Wish we were less obsessed about just one sport.
  1. hehe IPL live matches are a nightmare to get into, so guess WWE sounds better (though I wudnt venture there at all ;))

  2. Haven’t really been a sports person but the thrill of watchin any game for that matter in the stadium is fun!! too bad other sports in India doesn’t get the recognition they deserve!

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