A list of Things I Like About the US

It’s been 6 months in a new land and time’s been fly fishing. I also spent a cool month in India, so if I discount that, it’s not exactly a full six months. However, I do believe that I am in a position to make a list of things I like about the U.S., so far. It’s also been a year since I started remote working with Brandanew. And it feels like I just started and things move in circles. Since I am binge watching House of Cards, I feel like Claire Underwood. But maybe that’s before season 4 when I allow myself to indulge in the last season’s victim syndrome.

A list of Things I Like About the US Someplace Else Upasna Kakroo

List of things I like about the US

  • The elections are entertaining, since I can’t vote. But I enjoy taking sides.
  • The House of Cards | Mad Men and the return of TV in my life
  • You can feel like a cat here. There’s no one to interfere or course correct.
  • Nashville
  • Well dressed girls
  • The loneliness of being
  • Invisibility
  • Pride
  • The optimism. Although it’s a dual feeling. Sometimes I also feel an over-optimistic delusional energy.
  • Treadmills feel hopeful
  • Detroit for needless romanticism

I just feel the country also makes you define who you are. And be precise. I don’t feel the need to explain. I just don’t want to write more than 140 characters sometimes. Maybe hashtags, but that’s just all.


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