Agarsen ki baoli…

Ever since our childhood, we had a few car-less, chartered bus rides to the central part of the capital. Our recently lost small town-ness meant recognizing bus stops by huge skyscrapers. I can’t seem to recall many reasons for these rides, except museums to show cousins around, and some to make history projects look prettier. As a grown up, British Council visits were spiked in a small period.

Yellow that may attract squirrels?

In more recent times, metro rides have overtaken fancy activities, except getting on from the blue to the yellow, and running into the office rush. Except when you decide to rebel. Get off at unusually uncrowded railway stations on a Connaught Sunday. You quip how leisurely laid government owned bungalows are. You silently wish you owned a part of the city that controls your senses. Discreetly, you take the alonely left.

Tu hai meri kkkiran: Agarsen ki baoli

The back-lanes cause steps to gain pace. They look at you, in yellow shoes, unclear of your intentions. The iPhone map seems to be pointing right, but
you’re not sure you are. History can’t exist amidst dhobhi ghaats behind flourishing houses, yes?

Bavre Se Mann, Ki Dekho Bavri Hain Baatein
Bavri Se Dhadkaane Hain, Bavri Hain Saansen
Bavre Se Nain Chaahe, Bavre Jharokhon Se, Bavre Nazaron Ko Takna.
Bavra Mann Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna

You hit a stone wall, with coal-ed grafiti in devanagari, indicating now you may get it at right, eventually.

Kabootar ja ja ja

Bavre Se Iss Jahan Mein Bavra Ek Saath Ho
Iss Sayani Bheed Mein Bas Haathon Mein Tera Haath Ho
Bavri Si Dhun Ho Koi, Bavra Ek Raag Ho
Bavre Se Pair Chahen, Baavron Taraano Ke, Bavre Se Bol Pe Thirakna.
Bavra Mann, Dekhne Chala Ek Sapna

Perhaps, a well that deserves a coin, you let yourself wish.

Intercepted by: Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi

  1. Upasna,

    All through I was looking for information of Agarsen Baoli but you really took me for a ride all over by chartered bus, then metro and on foot but that Baoli. Photographs show the Baoli with nice captions. The poem is really good.

    Take care

  2. Prad- hai na! 🙂
    Mads- thanks I love that song too! And come already!
    S- it suddenly shows up you must go
    Y- hehe I should tell Sheila aunty 😉
    Dushyant – Ich bin super cool 🙂

  3. Delhi through your eyes looks so fascinating!!
    I will repeat myself – you should be the brand ambassador of delhi tourism 😀

    P.S. love the song and your shoes!

  4. Absolutely beautiful post Upasna! 🙂 And I love love love that song, especially the ‘Is sayani Bheed mein bas haathon mein tera haath ho’ part 🙂

    And this post reinforces my idea of who I want to roam around Delhi with 🙂

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