Amour est…

Three and twenty years, long time I reckon, to realize what it must be.
But guess you caught me off-guard.
I took time off, to talk to myself and for once decided to go slow. Have heard it can be good that way, how is it that we never tried?

It’s strange really that we move on, trying to look for it in places which exude charm, and attract us strongly and when we find them, they seem just as mundane.
That’s what you’ve been doing. The trick though would be to stop moving and for once sit back and think what it is. The treasure is always, well almost, at the place from where you began.

How would you know? I know Newton did not derive a formula for it. No one did.
I won’t try to do that too.

I will though, close my eyes now, with my mind blank, and think of all the things that make you a part of me, it’s a random rush of thoughts, I can’t define. And I see a face which smiles at me, I see eyes which seem to want to hold back. I see the soul, not willing to give in. I see the thought, surfacing out, but being pushed back. I see the spirit, alive. I see a mind, not willing to believe. I see you, wanting to be held, close, unwilling to ask for it.
I think its instinct; it tells me who you are.
And I hear myself saying, this is it.

If you can just, only for a change, let go of all that stops you, you will see it is a better world this side. It is but a step, things are easier, only if you let them be.
Lets not fight it.

  1. @anand..interestingly, the journey part is another aspect alltogether, though i must admit tht i gave myself this advice today and it feels much better!

  2. nice one…

    its only human to want, wants do change, the treasure is in the journey, fight or give up.. but enjoy every bit of it:-)

  3. i dont think there is..i guess later it may well be a compromise after we r too tired of looking..guess thts the reason why i said its the one which we began with which is the treasure..

  4. well, we always want wht we dont have and once we have it seems mundane and we want something else!maybe aiming for something after which we wont want anything else wld solve it ….but is there anything like it ??

  5. honestly, i dont know wht solves it..but i am getting tired and worked up now, this was an attempt at a solution..
    And i thought i was the only one with such things going on in and arnd me..:)

  6. very well done Upasna. Its amazing to see how despite each of us being unique monsters, our tribulations are quite similiar. FYI, stopping the fight does not solve it. Sorry, did not want to burst your bubble but also did not want you to go down the wrong path!

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