And then we run…

A dance class, gym, badminton, walk (all in one year) and several (now thinking Yoga) “health” regimes later, my parents thought, I was fond of dabbling. Guess, I am. I get bored of things quickly.

Additionally, I’ve had trouble with running- in school- surely. Amidst this, all this marathon talk sounded all too vague. A month back when I enrolled for one, I thought it was like the zillion whims I casually get into. My parents dissuaded me even the day before the ‘run’- ‘cos ’em lovely folks think I am never fat but ‘healthy’ (except once a couple of years back when cashews had showed). They infact shun skinny. However, I think the reason I decided to go through with it was as I wanted to tell myself, I could. It wasn’t health/ weight related at all. And, it was just 7 kms.
So I ran. I didn’t collapse. I think it was fun.
  1. congrats ! i am a mini runner myself 🙂 did the first half marathon to prove to myself that i can do it and then the next 10 K for keeping fit ! it really feels good after a run na ?

    keep running 🙂

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