Auf wiedersehen Muenchen!

I came to Muenchen with my walk shoes. It has not disappointed. I LOVED the city. It is a lot more about walks and cycles than about BMWs. It’s exciting, cosmopolitan, there’s always something to do and at times I felt guilty for not going out each day and trying out even more new things. It helped that I had a wonderful house by the Isar, walk-able from the Oktoberfest as well as Marienplatz. I made wonderful memories, went to the best biergartens, had the largest Brezels, slept on my picnic blanket in many nice parks, jumped into the Isar, met wonderful new people, had a satisfying number of Samosas with so many Indian options all across the city, shopped with my sister, travelled everyday in the U-Bahns, felt super creative and went to the best Bavarian sees all around the city. In a refreshingly urban manner I registered a smile-friendship with the stylish lady in the metro whose first day at the job was also the same as mine [not sure where though]. For the last two months, we smiled and acknowledged each other’s presence. Yesterday, the train got late and then at the bus stop we exchanged our first words ‘zu spaet’ [too late]. I felt so integrated with the culture [It’s the trains.]

living in munich
The city that gave me colourful wings

As I packed my stuff I realised ( I should have seen it in Pforzheim but it was too close to too much) that I have accumulated far too much junk and I can’t shift with such a large closet. Especially in the green fern bus (thank God for the prices!) that I’ve been taking. So, now I downsize and create space for new things in life (and make myself sound profound).

In excitement I bought a lot of Indian flour (thinking I was going to cook delicacies all summer) -ending up using little. I didn’t want to throw it. So, I thought I could give it to the Gurudwara, which is far. Finally, as I went to my Samosa wallah (from Ludhiana), I politely offered to give it to him (and checked if it were fine by him since I felt he would be able to use it). He readily accepted and dramatically said, ‘khaane ke liye hi toh aaye hain ghar se door’ [ haven’t we come just to eat so far from home]. I thought of Amrish Puri in Dil Waale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. I did think, that was the audience Yashraj is making those Hindi movies for. For a moment, I thought- while it is something to be grateful for- but my answer for why I am or if I would like to be in Germany isn’t going to be as simple as that. I had access to food and resources in India without many problems. And eventually the flour went to Simon (with a Youtube how to) since the Indian shop were closed in the morning.

Maybe that’s why a part of me is thrilled to be going back to Pforzheim and its small town-ness. I like simple.

  1. As a neutral observer I would say you are nuts to even compare these two cities. But as an experienced small town boy, I am afraid I get it. All places give you wings as long as you embrace them 🙂

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