Book Challenge: Favourite books ever list

It is a Facebook Book Challenge tag and I finished writing it there, and it disappeared a 100 times without getting posted. So I then decided to get it to the blog- also to keep for memory sake.

book challenge favourite book list

1. Mill on the Floss: George Elliot. My first “grown up” book as a kid – also the first character sketch I wrote and characters I fell in love with
2. Cuckold: Kiran Nagarkar – it is just the most interestingly written narrative
3. The Pregnant King– Devdutt Patnaik- Stories that made my question everything I thought about openness and stereotypes
4. Gulzar’s Ghalib (screenplay)- Just my strongest connection with my mother and home
5. The curious incident of a dog at the night-time– Mark Haddon: it’s so delicate in its narrative and so generous in its expanse
6. Half a world away– Tom Bromley- When I read it, I was falling in love with every line. I do not know if I feel this way again.
7. Catcher in the Rye– JD Salinger- Because he made me believe everyone was crazy
8. 1984– George Orwell- It made my teenage angst peak and somehow still be hopeful for a future
9. Through the Looking Glass– Lewis Carroll- Because it is a book for adults.
10. Atlas Shrugged: Ayn Rand: Just, remembered we were in Matheran, walking and I was upset with some girls. Gargi (she tagged me here) calmed me down and mentioned the book as if those characters were real. That’s how we would talk about them 🙂 I had to have it here!

And having said that, my absolute favourite hero ever is Winnie the Pooh.

Oh well. I like saving lists of books.

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