Call for Inspiration: How Do I Start a Green Garden Patch?

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you probably know about my recent cactus and green fever. As a young kid, garden mud was my absolute favorite thing. Let me assert this upfront, I need/want to start a green garden patch. Zucchini, tomatoes, chillies, pumpkins and quince are all very welcome.

My grandfather maintained a massive rose garden. We also had a large backyard with multiple veggies and a garden well. How crazy is that? I’d like to believe that maybe I do have all these green genes. If I hadn’t killed all these houseplants and wasn’t lethargic, I was going to be confident about it.

summer ambitions: how do I start a green garden patch

Call for Inspiration: Before I start a Green Garden Patch

Here, Internet friends and friends that I can meet, help me:

  • Do I need special treatment for soil before I can begin a veggie garden patch?
  • What books/ apps/ help guides can I get? I’m thinking farm to table seriously.
  • Can I plant anything in late summer or fall? Or do I need to wait it out till spring now?
  • Is a local nursery my first stop?
  • Do you know any gardening groups I can connect with as a first-timer?
  • How’s your own experience if you do have a little garden patch?
  • What’s the easiest veggie to begin with, so that I don’t die with despair on my first attempt?

I know this is a big undertaking, but I feel ready to get my hands dirty and touch the soil 🙂 Please share all your good and especially ugly experiences. My table is waiting for me to bring in some real seasonal food. It feels wrong to have a back yard that isn’t invested in. Besides, all this driving and stress makes a garden feel like the therapy many of us need. Don’t you think?

P.S. I did overhear a boy who grows his own food in Detroit. He also walked from Detroit to San Francisco. I may not be so hipster, but I definitely feel inspired.