Creative Mornings: Equality is a Moving Target

At my first Creative mornings session in Detroit, the presenter Brandon Christopher said something that has stayed with me. Equality is not a tangible thing. If you think you’ve arrived at equality, you’re fooling yourself. Equality is a moving target. As I mulled over it with a dose of women-oriented Indian films this last week,…

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Defining the Feminism of Today

I’ve shared thoughts about feminism many times before. And I feel the need to talk about it. It’s taken me a long time to use the label and call myself a feminist. The label itself comes with a strong legacy and negativity. But more recently, I think that’s okay, because no matter what identity I assume, someone out…

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It’s Not Just the Paris Agreement- It’s YOU

Many adults on my social media timelines seem horrified that the United States today pulled out of the Paris agreement on climate change. China and United States report the highest carbon emissions globally. If you’ve lived anywhere else, it doesn’t take much to notice how much energy is consumed in the US. However, it is also hypocritical to make…

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