A Random List of Women Who Inspire Me Today

It’s been ages since I wrote anything at all. Admittedly life and a full moon rising took over. I’m not watching any significant full moons, but that’s just code for shit hitting the fan. I am writing this, even as SP Balasubhramaniam brings the Salman of my childhood alive in Saajan (it’s the music). I’m…

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Creative Mornings: Equality is a Moving Target

At my first Creative mornings session in Detroit, the presenter Brandon Christopher said something that has stayed with me. Equality is not a tangible thing. If you think you’ve arrived at equality, you’re fooling yourself. Equality is a moving target. As I mulled over it with a dose of women-oriented Indian films this last week,…

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Defining the Feminism of Today

I’ve shared thoughts about feminism many times before. And I feel the need to talk about it. It’s taken me a long time to use the label and call myself a feminist. The label itself comes with a strong legacy and negativity. But more recently, I think that’s okay, because no matter what identity I assume, someone out…

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