Cleaning closets…

…Has led to interesting letter and card discoveries. Of late. Wasn’t disappearing from the blog, just getting new closets and discarding nonsense. Till I found the most uniquely written letters and cards. There’s little documentation (and fading memories) I have to show for people I love. Finding these cards- written to me in college- when I was away, led to the nicest, laughable- my sister’s self-composed poetry and backstreet boys love- memories. And cheesy i miss you cards. I gave up the ones from people I don’t remember and don’t know now. I figured some are for keeps. And I feel so warm with luverly-ness.

  1. Hi Anurag! Thanks for your visit, will check out your blogs!

    Tanvi- exactly. I take the longest time cleaning closets

    Y- I know this staying away affair has fun potential!

    S- It’s now, ne?

    Jack Uncle- Absolutely wonderful it is!

  2. Upasna,

    It is so good to go back in time with such items found unexpectedly and enjoy the memories.

    Take care

  3. now going through all the cheesy cards I received from brother during stay away from family 🙂
    some memorabilia is well earned and not worth parting for though 😀

  4. Finding hidden treasures is the best part of closet cleaning. Sometimes I find them again … and I spend an equal amount of time going through the memories as I might have just few years back! 🙂

    ∞ © ∞

  5. The funny thing about life and the people who endure through it is that they forget how awesome it is. Whenever they do remember, they do so in bursts – TDMA style.
    I guy put up a whole website about it – – Which in itself is awesome.
    But my personal awesome thing for today is something which makes me queasy – ‘coz I still can’t get over it.
    Been following your blog for a few days now and have been wondering why I never stumbled across it earlier – I had good reasons to, and yet I never did!
    A few tweets ago you said “Only if generalisations worked.” – well they do. I just realized one – all Upasna’s I know are all similarly brilliantly messed up.

    If I could, I would put you both in the same room and watch as you merge into a single entity like two drops of the same liquid – Liquid Terminator style. Or may be meld into a coin – one side each – made of same and yet apart.

    So I have been giving a dose of this “oh this upasna is just like you” to her over the past few days. I figured, you should be subjected to the same torture, if only because you shared your name with her.

    I will shut up now.

    She is here.

    I am easy enough to find. And by extension so is she.

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