Come out and play India: Commonwealth

THE champion- Saina Nehwal, I am your fan forever

I have had the most wonderful couple of days watching wrestling, boxing, weight-lifting, tennis, badminton, Delhi, metro, shuttle buses, security, Wimbledon-esque queues, drama, emotion, the state of Haryana, the Indian spectator always eager to offer advice, firangs, flags, catcalls, India winning golds, the National Anthem, and most of all a spirit which is overwhelming. I insist all India needs to shine in ALL sports is just to bring these sporting events to India more frequently. I wish this Commonwealth was longer. I haven’t felt this spirited in such a long while. Never definitely in my lifetime in India. The Asiad happened before I was born.

Outside RK Khanna Tennis stadium
Lets go, lets go India

The stadias had families, kids, old uncles and aunties- who knew their game and it was so so overwhelming to scream and shout for the country! Go India! Go champions! In expected sports- Wrestling, shooting etc. but also the unexpected ones- the swimmer, the gymnast, all the girls!  What a wonderful time you’ve given us. 🙂 And it’s so endearing that most of our champions are so humble. Gentle giants most- even though they play rather dangerous games- I mean wrestling, shooting, boxing and still so so grounded. Mark of true champions, me says.

And the games are still on!! So, here’s hoping we win more golds and lot more medals!!

*Very open crush on Vijinder and Sushil-        please win, people, please. I am telling you, if I saw these boys in person, it will be a swoon. I swear. I could take the liberty of being girly on my own blog, no? :D* 🙂
No wonder what the rest of the media has been saying, we think Delhi was ready and raring to go! The arrangements were top class, and to be honest far far better than anything I’ve ever seen. The stadias were wunnerful and looked stunning.
Look at the stadium, before the weightlifting match began
Also, the games had a lot of people coming onto the streets watching the games. Of course we may have had not many people for Lawn Bowls- cos I definitely think Pithu is a better game than that. But, you should’ve seen the wrestling stadium. Our boys and girls had entire villages, relatives from Haryana in. All the Jaats know their wrestling and were shouting their heart out. They knew when the point would be given, and were happy enough to advice their boys with “ab patak” shouts. Most thrilling. For people in Delhi/ India, if you’ve not been to the games yet- it’s a pity! It’s an exhilarating feeling- just as sports are meant to be. The grime, the sweat, the tears, the joy, an experience to last a lifetime!

Here’s the queue of people in JLN.

GO INDIA! 🙂 I haven’t felt this India in a while.

  1. Wow! Dint realise the CWG would be so packed with energy and the Indian spirit in such huge exciting measures! Please write more about ur experiences there.. and definitely upload more pics 🙂

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