Home alone with the husband frolicking in China meant that I’ve had some me-time to catch up on some lovely media. Some of this is older programming that I only got to now, so use the ‘current’ Netflix faves as a mere guideline :-). Curling up to a good movie is never a bad idea- no matter how late I am.

Current Netflix Faves: Aziz Ansari to Geetanjali Thapa

My Current Netflix Faves

  • Aziz Ansari’s Master of One, Season 2: Bicycle Thief inspired the first episode of the season and it was ridiculously Italian and delicious. My favorite episode in the series was the Thanksgiving episode. For someone who regularly wants to know anything from what’s a line-backer to the difference between the lions and the tigers- it made me feel, I am not alone in my newness. It’s an inherently well written, and a culturally on-point New York show. I’ve always felt the need of seeing the story from another perspective and Aziz Ansari delivers very well. We need more of these.
  • Hasan Minhaj, Homecoming King: If I were to live longer here in the US, maybe I can understand it better. It’s easy to share stereotypical immigrant jokes through a stand-up. Hasan does well to stay personal and speaks from experience that grows on you to become funny.
  • Geetanjali Thapa, Liar’s Dice: It’s an old movie but I only got to it now. It makes a lot more sense as I just came back from Kasauli in Himachal. The mountain air makes the world feel different. In Hollywood, there’s often a debate on choosing the right ethnicities to play to roles written for them. There’s every reason why you’d cast Thapa for playing a woman from the Indo-Tibetan border, instead of casting Priyanka Chopra to play Mary Kom. Or have Bipasha Basu play a Kashmiri girl. Why would you do that? In a billion+ population, there aren’t people to play a role that’s meant for a different ethnicity? It’s funny when Indians talk about race issues of others, when can’t address ethnicities in our own country. Manya Gupta is phenomenal. My mother would say how I probably looked like her as a child 🙂
  • Aankhon Dekhi: What did we do to deserve Sanjay Mishra and Seema Pahwa in such parts? Rajat Kapoor is a phenomenal storyteller. If you’ve ever known any existential crisis, these performances are ready to blow you away.  I wish the movie on Netflix came with subtitles. It’s the kind of Indian film I’d like my American friends to see too
  • Margarita With a Straw: It’s a movie with such raw energy. It’s hard to take eyes off Kalki. Such a journey of courage, vulnerability and self-discovery. Nobody talks about personal lives, let alone desires or sexual identities of people with special needs. The film doesn’t use disability as a mere selling point. It’s a coming of age story. Why should it only be limited to those who we view as ‘normal?’. It made me reflect upon my own biases and self-consciousness. Could I ever be so brave to get out of my own way?

Every year staying away from India breaks my heart. Movies are so central to my existence and the ones I miss the most are those that independent cinema brings forth. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up, but then I come across some gems that make it all up.

What should I see next?

Upasna Kakroo

Upasna is a published author and has been blogging since 2003. She solves marketing challenges by the day and sketches every night. Her children's books, illustrations and other creative products are available on this site for browsing & purchases. She currently lives in Plymouth, Michigan, in the United states.


Y · July 22, 2017 at 10:23

Have watched all these and loved them! I know I need a life, but kya kare.
Few non indian reccos are zindagi gulzar hai (if it’s still streaming), okja, GLOW.

    Upasna Kakroo · July 22, 2017 at 16:11

    I did hear all the ads on Glow, will check it out soon. Also, watching non-netflix game of thrones these days 🙂

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