Day 1: Gratitude For a Baby

I’ve often wondered, what makes people feel rootless? And why do we, in a population of 7 billion, create babies? More recently, I’ve come to the feeling that we want to extend our lives through them. We want to see ourselves in their growth. Gratitude for a baby can’t be explained but felt. We live to create our own legacies.

Day 1 Gratitude For a Baby

With my mother’s training and my husband’s encouragement, as I create- draw and write more, I realize, I do that just to tell Riyu stories. And keep them alive. I draw with a child’s imagination, for him. The deep gap of not being able to pull his cheeks through FaceTime converts to liking all his photos, comments from everyone and sending red hearts on Facebook. When I draw and see myself creatively express something, I can’t wait for him to get older to tell me how he likes it. Gratitude for a baby is the center point of our family happiness.

Riyu makes our world seem ok. He makes everything better. What else is there to live for? I no longer recall rootlessness but his face in which I see my sister and his father’s mop. I can’t wait to tell him that he’s growing a Nylon brush :D.

<And as I send a letter to his father, all the way I drop it. The postman comes and picks it up and puts it in his pocket.>

Day 1 Gratitude for a baby riyu

He’s soon going to grow up and ask him who this yellow monster is. I’m only going to say, he’s an imaginary friend that I feel bright about.

I start my #30daysofgratitude with the youngest person on the list. I start by posting him his yellow monster, and more chimpu Riyu red hearts. I love my baby.

<<ps: be kind to my drawings>>

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