Day 3: #30daysofgratitude Happy Birthday Mom!

There’s no one around who doesn’t love their mothers. And I am no exception. It’s 30th June- happy birthday mom! And so I choose to share my small postcard drawing with her today. Most recently, I was thinking about home again, and my ex-boss asked, “what is home”? I face no negative feelings or regrets towards the multiple homes I have had and the cities I’ve lived in. Peer Bagh was the only physical home I knew. Home has been a feeling since then.

Day 3: 30daysofgratitude Happy Birthday Mom!

A feeling that says, home is where my mother is. There is no other place that I feel more. There is no other person who I want to speak to everyday more. There is no one else who can feed me so. There is no one else whose opinion I take more seriously. There is no one else who I am constantly trying to impress more. My mother will always set my benchmarks of professional quality.

It began when she first drew a Kangari for me on my school notebook – my homework assignment from Mallinson in Peer Bagh. It continued when we boarded white line buses to Teen Murti Bhavan and came back drenched in rain, only to get the best material for a summer history project. The project turned out so good, that we competed on who would write the longest lines as the summary. The project was shown to another school even, well after the history teacher left my school.

If I had to really draw for my mom, it would take me an entire lifetime to slowly recall all that I remember. I started with multiple drawing boards in fact and eventually colored this one first. This rain memory stuck out though, because, we worked so hard for a project that no one cared about. Except us, trying to get the quality to “excellent” levels.

happy birthday mom 30 day gratitude project

One of my cousins once annoyed with us when we were young was unable to control irrationality, and said, “I’d be so-and-so, if my parents had invested so much time in me”.  Well, guess what, no one stopped them. The amount of time my mother spent on us, to help us raise the bar of our lives, is what we live by. My mother has not invested in being vain, jealous or arrogant, but giving us lives that we will forever be grateful for. She’s taught us that quality does not come from short cuts or mean jibes. It comes from 10,000 hours of effort, even if, in rain.

Happy birthday mom!

  1. I am only excited to see what comes next in this series! More power to these standards of excellence.
    Also happy birthday to aunty 🙂

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