#30daysofgratitude: Discovering the Brightest Ideas

Day 26: I’m sorry for anyone who doesn’t have this person in their lives. But, I am thrilled to announced that I do. Have you ever wondered how you could make your life more interesting? Discovering the brightest ideas. It really is how you bring new ideas into your banal 9 to 5 existence. We all go through this phase of “my life is a bore”, even if we don’t necessarily admit it to ourselves. Sometimes, we’re so deep in everyday sh*t and so full of the pressure to be who others think we should be, that we forget to be ourselves. There are people in our lives, who off and on remind us of that. And Rohit is such a person that I am grateful to know a little.

I always wonder how little Rohan is growing up with so many new ideas from both Rohit and Neelam. I wonder if he’s going to grow up a feminist, a free thinker,  a creative nerd or a tree climber. If I was in their household or met them more than I have, I would be on a constant creative curiosity high.

There are so many times that I’ve looked for some obscure info, or needed visual inspiration that Rohit’s been a million steps ahead in sharing readily. He’s been noticing every common thing with a fresh eye, far far before photography became a fashionable Facebook art form. He’s been in the know of things that are unique and ‘underground’ before they hit mainstream.

I don’t say it enough, but sometimes just that extra bit of newness and discovery puts me in such a great creative mood. I’m inherently grateful for that. Everyone needs inspiration, and I am glad that I get it from someone whose creative footsteps I’d love to follow.

Do you have an inspiration owl in your life? 🙂

P.S. Naturally like most amazing people that I missed meeting, I also didn’t meet him in my lousy college days. But I am glad that the connect existed for me to find him eventually.

Rohit Mattoo 30 days of gratitude