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I run this blog to document memories. Sometimes, just that.

DIY Diary
Diary love via

My boyfriend and I wrote a diary together.

What does it mean writing together?

Well, he wrote once and then I did. At first we wrote everyday, and then we became lazy. We started in 2005.

Oh, wow, you must publish it!

Nooo. I couldn’t believe I wrote all that stuff. But in 2005, I was 17. (Recently) I read some parts to my boyfriend, and he was like *stop this is not me*. (We) couldn’t believe it is us.

I love Kickstarter and often wonder what I’d put money for. I did once for a drawing book gift- which was received well too. And then I got around to this. I think I’m putting money on this project. 

  1. I made a diary to document my years in a foreign country too! must fish it out from the pile in the book shelf 🙂
    P.S. would love to see yours!

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