Does everyone have a story?

Marienplatz (Photo credit: edwin.11)

I’ve not been on the blog a bit because I finally got Internet at home after 5 weeks that flew. I didn’t read as I expected. I just walked around the Alt-stadt a fair bit, moved into an Alt-bau beyond that tower in the picture and tip toed on candle light unearthing love and new found glittering treasures. I also jumped on Marienplatz because baby Ri came to our world 4 whole days ago. I want to take him hiking soon. He is speedily learning how to drink milk.

In the meantime, while being in a new city and meeting new people, I had an interesting discussion with an entrepreneur. We talked about creating stories. He said storytelling was a buzzword. I wanted to argue but listened. Storytellers in reality were few, he continued, the good ones he meant. I thought this through a lot. Doesn’t everyone have a story? I started this blog post with 5 of them in the first paragraph.

Previously, kind friends sometimes even liked my stories. I didn’t do much except talk about things. Going back to old stories now only makes me feel nice about growing up. Instead of sheer annoyance (what was I thinking), I now find solace in the fact that hopefully I have nicer things to share. Or even the same things to share in nicer ways. And that’s when I realized what he meant. Everyone has stories, indeed. But not many share them in ways that charm others. That requires skill. A build up that has a theme, a sense of wonder and a deeper personal connect. That’s what I enjoy reading (and it can vary).

Love Story ♡
Love Story ♡ (Photo credit: Flocke™)

It’s not an unreachable skill. I’m readily beginning to believe we can learn things irrespective of difficulties and preset notions. Stories don’t need writers, eloquent speakers or celebrities with a sad past. Stories need seekers- with empathy and ears.


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