El Caminar en ti…

It’s rare, for her.
She lives in a self-created world under the constant pressure of having to do things on her own. It’s not a feministic streak and no Paul, Ayn Rand didn’t say so. It’s to do with the fact that she seldom has had a different set of choices. So, now to give up on it all, and being led doesn’t come easy. All she has to do is sit back and things get taken care of. There’s this other vague thing-her presence in your world. She yearned for it, and one fine day just walked into it, as a perfect culmination of a dream long cherished.
And so it is.

Their moments were scattered.
Shells and the beach.
Is it really about moonlit nights?
Do they make it perfect?
Let’s stay put.

She has walked into a new state of consciousness. A state of subliminal anarchy. Things are revealed and she keeps on reminding herself just that. She keeps on asking you, often enough. It’s not difficult to believe, just that words scarcely ever are futile. Even that single iota makes up for a lot of evenings unspent, times untouched, eyes unfelt. She wants to live these moments with careful deliberation. Slow. It must feel better when unasked for. Wanted though, in good measure.
It’s all been done.

A long-winding road.
Sweltering hot, explicably cold.
Would you have it differently?
Risk the loss of a different meaning?
She wouldn’t either.

  1. I’m back here.

    @upasna i’m someone whom you don’t know directly.

    I happened to jump to this blog by chance,and could relate to the post.

    The focus of my comments,i.e., “she”,is very important to me.

    No one will take her place in my life.
    That’s partially because I’m a incapable of suppressing those feelings; also because I,you know, quite simply,love her.

    That’s a big word.
    I believe she understands a bit.
    I love it when she tends to respond.
    I understand her.

    Although I aim to get her,it’s still a suspense for me; I don’t know how exactly she feels about me.
    What she wants in her “other half” is something I don’t know exactly about.

    So maybe I’ll just go to her and tell her.
    My biggest desire is her happiness.

    Not my happiness at the cost of her happiness.

  2. The ambience in this room is pretty motivating.

    I’m continuing here.

    I hope Lord Byron remembers the place where they 1st sat and talked.

    Probably they’n start there again.

    Say at 1200 hrs.?
    I’ll be waiting there from 1200 to 1230 hrs. this Saturday.

    Or as Lord Byron says.
    They must meet soon!!

    I can be reached at sensationalize2000@yahoo.co.in

    Dying to meet!!

  3. ‘Tis sweet to know there is an eye will mark our coming, and look brighter when we come. ~Lord Byron

  4. awww….

    For men may come and men may go but you go on forever…

    -Lord Alfred Tennyson (The Brook)

  5. Evenings unspent,times untouched, eyes unfelt.A lot more.

    Sooner than later,she’ll come out of this state.

    I’ll make sure.

    It’s been uneven weather for quite sometime.But I’ve conspired with God and time to take a near perfect control of all moments to come.

    So ya,she’n really sit back.
    I’m here,there and everywhere. She has to just make herself believe that I’m for her,only for her.

    It’s about love.It’s about life.
    In some ways,they do make it perfect.

    Wanted she is.
    It’s difficult not to ask for, though.
    For Her.
    For Her presence.

    Her presence in my world.

    So let it be slow.
    We’ve to make it steady and sure.
    To transcend these thoughts into action is what I’ve to make sure of.

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