The Elephant Step: A Weekly Round Up of Random News

At my fitness center, the instructor recently showed us the Elephant step. It’s supposed to mimic the movements of cute little baby elephants running from pillar to post trying to lose baby fat. From wanting to quit at that exact moment to coming home dead in sweat, I’m beginning to internalize the elephant-ness of the move. It’s incredibly hard to find time for myself, within the boundaries of a proverbial 9 to 5 existence.

We all try, fail and step up. There was a ton going through my mind about what was potentially not going right. But today, I choose to focus on random good news for the week/month

A Weekly Round Up of Random News

  1. All Hail Jamal, the hairdresser: I have FINALLY managed to find a hair stylist. It’s as if my entire experience in the little town of Plymouth is about to change. What could we possibly do without a navid/nai?
  2. For the first time, Riyu said, “Maasi, do you want to see some magic? Do you want to hear a sound?”
  3. Frida Kahlo, in a Saree duly with progressive Kashmiri gals
  4. For the last two days, I’ve not had any chai with artificial sugar. How long can I last?
  5. Coffee Bean is by far the most diverse place in our little town. We saw some live music and even though the singer was very average, it felt nice
  6. Shah Rukh Khan’s TED speech. My favorite part was his Hindi lines. Not because they were profound, just that everything he says in Hindi/ Urdu sounds more felt.
  7. I found a place for organic, ethically sourced, made in India bed sheets.
  8. I wore a pink shirt with daffodils.
  9. Our garden found its red tulips
  10. We assembled a new dinning table!

The Elephant Step And My Brain on Exercise

The Elephant Step

What do you think of when you’re in this zone?