Everybody just pretend to be normal…

Vishal said something very interesting the other day. Finally all the anxiety, the good, and the bad balance out, for everyone. Is it *that* measured? Did I run out of the natural goodness of being? Or am I discounting my morning… wasn’t seeing a real unexpected rainbow from the train window awesome?

I think it’s a phase. And there are days like this too, where I question my side of the pie. You think if I pretend long enough, I’d feel fine too? Especially since I never wanted to buy into the pretense?

Not on a completely unrelated note, or perhaps it was unrelated, we were talking Abhay Deol recently, so got reminded of this song.

Kabhi tanha bethe bethe yunhi 
Pal mein hi main ghum ho jaati thi…
Main bhi kahaan main rehti thi
Aksaar main tum ho jaati thi…

Sometimes sitting by myself alone just like that, I’d get lost in a moment. I’d also not remain me, I’d often become you.

  1. @ V- 🙂

    @ Jack- Thanks for the visit! I know, I think this whole thinking business does get one confused. And I think that’s the nice definition I’ve always thought of 🙂

  2. Upasna,

    I think this is my first visit. Read current posts. So it is Saturdays for eating fun. The picture of salad looked tempting. Nice is something which is just short of good and much above bad. Human mind travels much faster than anything, including light. So when one is alone, thoughts travel to and fro so fast that one may get confused at times.

    Take care

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