Failing the #100HappyDays challenge

I started the new year with a great online challenge that I was quite hopeful for. Unfortunately like the 71% reported (as of March 2014), I failed the challenge. I continued for 55 days really pushing myself to do it and then I just couldn’t bother anymore. I could use excuses like I had no Internet access for 5 weeks since I were moving but the truth is that I just didn’t feel like doing it anymore.

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100 day happiness project
100 day happiness project

Some of the reasons I think were these:

  • I was not willing to share all the things that actually were keeping me happy with everyone. I have a sense of a strong private space (irrespective of what the blog may let you believe :)) and thus the things I was sharing weren’t really my “most” happy times. It felt like a lie.
  • There were days I was too tired to share. I was facing sharing fatigue and I didn’t think a project like this focusing so strongly on deadline driven ‘pic a day’ works positively for my happiness. I just share differently as a person I guess.
  • At certain points, I was collecting memories for pictures and not really enjoying them. I would make fun of people whose sole aim in life was more Facebook pictures. This was making me feel like that. And that doesn’t make it happy. I’m not judging anyone doing it, it’s just that it doesn’t work for me!

I’m quite happy with the results of the project that I was able to see in the days that I did post. Thanks to all those who were encouraging and not bored to death with so many photo shares 🙂

I’m curious to know how the people who did share and continue for 100 days did on this project. I found it interesting to have a strong academic view on this topic which is quite averse to the idea of the project itself. (Failing it doesn’t feel so bad now :P)

“Yes, there is harm in that. It’s not healthy. It’s not normal. We have different emotions because they all serve a purpose. If your dog dies you should feel sad. If your wife leaves you, you should feel sad, or maybe guilty, depending on what you did.” (Professor Gruman, read full report here)

  1. I believe you. I think we still have to find a way to realistically amplify happiness using digital means not entirely there yet.

  2. I stopped at 36 days, when I got a big curve ball in my life, which I would not mention here. I stopped there since I was upset and I had seen happier days.. As I didn’t feel like tweeting about happiness for a few days, I realized that there was no point to this exercise.. you just gotta savour the happy moments that you get. There is no need to tell the world that you are happy.. your happiness is for yourself.

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