Recently a few people asked me recommendations for Podcasts. I have to admit, I am a new Podcast listener. From the time I began listening to Gimlet a few years ago, I got addicted. I almost need a few when I am in a car. I go through bouts of, oh no, is it over already when something ends. It’s not uncommon to change routes just to finish episodes :-). From my current universe, here are my favorite Podcast episodes so far.

Favorite Podcast Episode the Thing That Comes From Your Soul

Top 7 Favorite Podcast Episodes

#1 Starlee Kine, The Mystery show: Belt Buckle

Because Starlee Kine is my hero and there’s no one as original as her. For all of us who’ve dealt with childhood treasures and finds, this is where it’s all at. It’s only a few years old, and yet I want to say that, they don’t make them like that anymore 🙂

#2 Ira Glass, This American Life: Middle School

I wish someone had told me how hard middle school was going to be. Girls were going to be brats and almost everyone was going to be judgmental. Although the pressures of TMI are certainly different, I wish I had more access when I was growing up. This brings back so many dark memories and reminds me of a time when I first developed coping mechanisms.

#3 Ira Glass, This American Life: When the Beasts Come Marching In

Most recently, since I was in Kasauli this summer, I’ve had this urge to question, what would happen if I lived in a small wooded town in the middle of nowhere? Buzzwinkle would be a local celebrity and we’d have white fish cakes in every local restaurant. I’d read Rusty’s tales over and over and relate to them. We’d grow our own food and rely on the local kirana waala. How bad would that be? It’s so crazy that it makes you want to live that same life.

#4 Starlee Kine, The Mystery show: Source Code

Have you ever Googled a random fact about a celebrity? Like is Julia Roberts really a size 6? Sure you have. What happens when the Internet is inconclusive? Naturally you ask Starlee Kine to investigate. I can’t believe she isn’t already making twenty shows like this.

#6 Brian Reed, S-Town: Chapter III

This podcast is basically a novel read out loud. I loved the details, the accents and the life of someone so far away from mine, that it’s hard to believe how sheltered my existence is. It felt like a Podcast version of Manorama, 6 feet under (it’s the one Indian small-town movie which you should see).

#7 PJ Vogt, Reply All: Shine On You Crazy Goldman

I think PJ Vogt has the best voice and humor. It’s nerdy and crazy. This episode isn’t kid friendly, and talks about Acid, which I’ve never tried. But just their little experiment was so crazy and random. I feel like if there ever was a movie based on the guy who wrote the first WhatsApp message- 50 years after it died, PJ and Alex could write it. Another one that I really liked from their early days was, Jennicam.

Which ones do you like a lot?


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