Finding Fanny

Everyone has their own Finding Fanny story. I begin with mine. I’ve started with #2 on my 2015 inspiration list. WooHoo ūüėé !! Although slower than everyone else in the group, I am now able to do level 1 of Ski school which means I can come down a baby hill in a safe position and make small turns. The advantage¬†of having a husband who blogs is that skill learning as an adult has been well documented. While the learning¬†sucks, a look up the mountains is a great feeling in spite of¬†hurting shins!¬†

Finding Fanny 2015 Goals List

I continued to a modified #3 then. Instead of kindness, I was happy to initiate some random acts of love. The husband received a whole note-packet of¬†12-monthly luverly dates and he’s not allowed to see them all at once. Sometimes I am crazy like Iris Simpkins. I’ve been looking for corny all my life. February¬†started with the first one that I already failed at. It was also the simplest. I am just not a gift person (unlike him). In a world of never-ending to-do lists, there are times when simple details escape me, because I am already thinking of December. I know that multi-tasking¬†is a myth and I need to be more aware¬†of what each day holds, but I often get ahead in my thoughts perpetually solving for Atlantis. Even Europe has not cured me of pace so far. So, I forgot that most restaurants especially the ones that are a find and extremely local do not accept cards in Germany. And while I kept an eye out for any ATMs, in our short walk from the U-Bahn Station to Zum Kloster, I found none, till the husband had to fend for cash on a dinner date I had planned and reserved for. Luckily, his wallet is far more cash friendly than mine. I have 11 more to go.

We talked about mindfulness and staying in the moment and allowing ourselves to credit each other for the difficult things we are trying to outmaneuver and not stress more about things we can’t control. I am usually the one always¬†on extremities (not necessarily in a bad way). My best friend and husband both told me the same thing. We tend to move from one stress to another, as if the lack of it¬†creates a void in our life. For a moment,¬†I played this mental game of replacing stress with plenty¬†else. In the multiple sips of my organic citrus tea, I thought perhaps this is easy. I have no qualms about embracing¬†boredom. In fact I feel¬†boredom is often underrated. I usually get very creative after boredom. Say in quirky little towns in Goa where the day is fuller.

Yet, there’s a catch. We need triggers like Fanny whose 46 year old what-if we chase, to come to terms with who we are and find the gumption to ask for what we truly need.¬†Perhaps in¬†the¬†moments you spend fending for Fanny, your stressed¬†soul finds you.

I thought oh God, my chance has come at last
(But then a strange fear gripped me and I
Just couldn’t ask) The Smiths

Just like my #2 – Skiing that I learn slowly compared to others, I also need consistent triggers from friends & family to stop blowing my top off due to stress of things that I can’t quite control. I need¬†my best friend who Whatsapps,

I feel we jump to the next set of worries immediately after the ones at hand are fulfilled. I feel we just keep rushing to things and keep telling ourselves: due to this I am not happy and there are many problems. But every stage is a milestone and it is going to increase responsibilities and keep lessening the years left. So, what is it that really matters?

<<Finding Fanny is magic and dull depending on the frame you choose. Pankaj Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah elevate sloppy writing to another level. The dialog writer needs to re-work the entire draft, but average writing also helps expose the acting abilities of the actors. Arjun Kapoor is easily the worst in them all. Most of the quirkiness is lost on Deepika and Arjun. The attempt to explore the relationship between the two women lacks depth and consists only of sketchy¬†plots to make you not judge them. Putting it in the director’s context, I found Finding Fanny¬†was worse than Being Cyrus (which I found interesting) ¬†and better than Cocktail (which I really disliked). All these apart though, Finding Fanny does strike a note on the reminding us to find the life trigger. It does¬†manage to invoke charm through the idyllic boredom of its setting. Especially when we let ourselves free from the torture of greatness.>>

  1. Made for an interesting read….and food for thought, just before I was dozing off. Now I am wide awake and thinking of what should go on my goal list. Been procrastinating on making one for years now… Hell I can’t even stick to making a weekly menu, though it makes life so much simpler when i do. There I have my goal no. 1…. To stop procrastinating! Lol

    1. Thanks Nina! Weekly menu is my pet peeve. The distractions digitally atleast make it so easy to procrastinate, so I do understand ūüôā

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