For the Love of Small Spaces

As a kid I enjoyed playing with pillows to create my own house. My favorite memories of a space I yearned for was my cousin’s small nook in a large family house. Growing up in a populous country with fewer noiseless or private spaces, a little distinction made me feel snug. I LOVE small, confined spaces. These include small seats on an aircraft. Too much air makes me feel lost or distracted. Small spaces keep my magic safe. I’m not alone. Ask Van Gogh’s soul traversing the intimate lanes of Arles now.

For the Love of Small Spaces.

My first private space

Like all true loves, it was momentous. I broke my arm on the first day of primary school and stayed home for the first month. In time, looking at my studiousness and future aspirations, I was awarded a small handmade desk. It was a hand-me-down from my older cousin who had graduated to a larger desk. It was a small wooden trunk.

Trunks are my other obsession. I think trunks almost always house treasures. The top corner of my study trunk had a pen/ ink holder. It came with a slant to make writing easy. My cousin had been practicing a ton of writing on the desk without needing much paper. It felt like love notes engraved by those in love and those trying to find it. Inside it, was my treasure zone. I had little space to store books and notebooks. I have never found a better desk. It was my first private space.

European love

European homes fit in perfectly with my small home dream. After spending almost all my 20s living with parents or flatmates, my first studio apartment was in Munich. Even by European standards, Munich is tiny.  A small cabinet separated my living and sleep space, and yet it felt full. It’s no wonder that we fell in love with the small, tiny lanes and locales in St. Remy. Like all things momentous, I broke my leg on a bike. But it will always remain my most favorite European vacation. It helped that homes came with large windows for the tiny little space they offered.

For the Love of Small Spaces French Windows

Current attractive nooks

We just recently made a shift from Ann Arbor to small town Plymouth. The house is small and comfortable. The nicest part is a small study with a bamboo desk. In its paltry 9×9 frame, I didn’t care about a window seat. All I wanted was a little significant corner to plug my laptop onto. It’ll take a while to become my own, but this is a start. My other favorite parts are a minuscule mud room that fits one (at one time). It reminds me of Austrian fereinwohnungs. Then there’s a corner on the bar that houses my DVDs. And an open spot on the brick layout of the fireplace.

Small spaces force me into meaningfulness. From clothes to home decor, I am excited by the prospects of decluttering to naturally fulfill my new year goals. Reducing somehow has this extremely clean feeling that comes with it. Like a Yoga detox. I like thinking about each object and remembering how it’s important for my small little space.

I hope you begin 2017 thoughtfully and in love with quirks that make you, you.

  1. I understand what you mean. We recently moved to a new city, but before I go there let me take you back home, right after getting married, I moved into my husband’s small but super cozy home last year, I spent a lot of time doing up this home, just the two of us. each corner has a story and a lot of love put into it, anyone who came, didn’t look at the size of the home, but the vibe they felt and how they loved it. Now this new city we moved to, we just got a slightly bigger house and it’s pretty too but I am not sure if it’s me overwhelmed by all the newness, but I have a lump in my throat just thinking ‘how I felt there’ 🙂 and wondering what it’s all about.. phew. happy new year to you!

    1. Happy new year to you too. I love homes and the time we spent caring about each small thing. It’s the most beautiful part about being together with someone or expressing your own self 🙂

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