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…I keep saying I’ve sort of lost cricket at times, mostly because of obsessive people who claim they like it because they watch the IPL. I’m sort of snobbish about that sort of randomness. Also, if you like cricket genuinely, you can’t only just like it when India plays. So perhaps because of excessiveness with which people talk cricket these days and the fact that the one TV at home never plays cricket especially with two song/ dance obsessed women in the house, I hardly watch much these days.

But the world cup has far too many memories associated for me to ignore it as well. So, well, lazy Sunday afternoon, I switch on to see Sachin on the screen. *Always special that*.That’s a six, btw, if you’re watching the match *now* as I type.

I can’t decide who I’d want to win this world cup though. My previous bets for the past worldcups have not been patriotic, I’ve never associated the sport more with a team than a country.

’96- I wanted SA to win, and was so disappointed when WI beat them in some random knock out quarter final. Post that I wanted Aus to win, because I *loved loved loved* Mark Taylor as the captain. I think at that time considering I wanted SA to win, the two players I had totally loved were Gary Kirsten (he finished UAE with the 188 that WC) and Jonty Rhodes ( crush crush crush, since forever :)).

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Diversion:  I LOVED Jonty Rhodes. Cousin- who through college changed hairstyles as per Wasim Akram’s and was quite obviously cricket obsessed, would copy commentators and go on and on calling him “Jonathan” Rhodes. And even that would make me go oh-wow about the guy 😀 But he was awesome, you can’t blame me!

’99- Again wanted SA to win. Thought it was Klusener’s WC. Not sure what depressed me more, the loss against Aus in the semi-finals where Donald took that stupid run, or when Gibbs dropped Steve Waugh in the previous match. Think in ’99 I had decided SA played better one day and Aus played the tests much better, hence the obvious pick. Also, I still felt for SA.

’03- Australia. Ponting. On the day of the final, I was in the train towards college. So the first innings where Ponting changed the match was on radio, the second innings was more about don’t get it wrong from here.

’07- Australia. Ha! and all over the blog as well. Gilchrist. Bob Woolmer.

’11- Here’s the deal. There’s no doubt that Australia is *still* my favourite team. It’s a team I follow, whether or not they win. Of course broken washing machines are not helping, but still. However, considering Ponting & Sachin are both probably playing their last world cup. Sachin has just hit two consecutive sixes *as I type I mean*. And I love Sachin. I feel this shift already. Could I then, officially for the first time, be supporting India? And not just cos they realistically do have a good chance this time.


  1. @C- Absolutely IPL ruined my interest as well. Btw talking of cricket, get to the SCG as well, while ur at it 🙂

    @Neeti- I especially loved ’99 pre board exams! Was abs fun 🙂

  2. Hey!
    Felt awesome to read about ’96 and ’99 world cups 🙂
    Those are the only ones I remember 😛
    in those young days of mine when I was crazy for cricket.. (oh and cricket was especially fun to watch pre-exams)

  3. wow… either you have amazing memory or you absolutely love the game.. or both!!! Even i watch only when India plays 🙂 Only exception is World cup.

    And contrary to how IPL has increased people’s interest in cricket, it has reduced mine. Too much hype and its become commercialised..

  4. Of all the sports available you chose cricket to be impartial about? Perhaps there must be Brazilians in Brazil who support Netherlands!

    For me it’s simple. India, India, India. Even if it were the worst team out there.

  5. Tanvi- Sorry I think I made it sound like if you’re not interested there’s something wrong! I think it’s the other way round, I am just too biased for the game 🙂 and hi five to your mum! 😉

    Sush- Nooo I wud freak out if I didn’t rem it all 😀 *all those let-me-watch-one-over-and-then-study-promises* will go to such waste 😉

  6. I am one of those people who only watch Cricket when India plays! 🙂 But I have always followed World Cup ‘coz my Mom is (was) Cricket crazy (imagine!) – I hope India wins 11’

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