A German girl living in India

Usually I rant about my German experiences on the Blog, and recently (quite accidentally so), I connected with the folks at Ghoomakad because of the excellent work they were doing with sustainable waste management in the hills of HimachalI met a German girl living in India (who also works in this same village) quite by accident in Munich. Very spontaneously we decided to record a podcast. It was my first, so I’m hoping it’s also my worst- I mean that in the future I will improve.


my first podcast It’s an hour long, so I don’t want to transcribe and bore the hell out of everyone, but in order the things were talked about were these and maybe you could in this order forward/hear it.

  • What is the Hillhacks conference about- what do they do in Dharamshala!
  • An “unconference” in the Dharamshala hills: what it means, working with children, local people & geeks
  • Technology and art/culture/humanities
  • A hands-on way of technology living
  • The definition of “Hacking”
  • “Remixing” digital content (not plagiarism)
  • Free and open source software
  • Physical spaces that transform digital relationships
  • How did a German girl land up in India?
  • The cultural insights into why Indians may not be so “hands-on”: the issue of confidence, ownership and responsibilities

Upasna Kakroo