I‘m obsessively reading Godin’s magnum opus. It’s impossible to spend time on anything else when you’re reading an 800 page, over-sized page turner. It’s also breaking the monotony of living under a consistent rock of anxiety and stress. I feel like I’ve neither been getting ahead nor doing well. Without churning in details, I’m happy to share a few things that are helping me heal.

Getting Ahead Versus Doing Well- Godin's Mantras

1. Going Ahead Versus Doing Well

(see here)

…the idea that others need to be in coach for you to be in first doesn’t scale very well.

…in the words of moms everywhere: Life is more fun when you don’t compare. It’s possible to create dignity and be successful at the same time. (In fact, that might be the only way to be truly successful.)

It’ll be wrong to say that I do not have my online nemesis (in other words, people whose lives seem uncomfortably good in comparison to me). But it’s tiring and non-productive. They don’t care about my life, and until I am dragging myself through a downward spiral, nor do I.

2. Breath by Breath

This guided meditation is an anti-dote to stress and panic attacks. Tara renders it for a full 23 minutes. I could last for 13 at best. But it’s also something that requires practice. I want to try more.

HERE you go. You’re welcome.

3. Planning for Heartbreak- Debbie Millman with Brene Brown

I’d go as far to say that I hear so much of Debbie Millman, that she may as well be my therapist or someone I know well. She voice sounds like a hug. The only other people I keep nodding with are Brene Brown and obviously my mother. Debbie and Brene together on this podcast make me feel like I am in some safe sanctuary, healing.

The only people who don’t have heartbreaks in life are those who show no passion. It makes me feel good about the worst situations. Because I am inclined to see everything with a different set of glasses.

HERE’s the podcast.

4. How You Write Changes the Way You Think

The medium is the message. What ever medium you use, changes the way you think….Type as quickly as you can, and carry a pencil.

What helps you fight anxiety?

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