Handcrafted Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings!

I’ve not had a “free weekend” in a while, so I decided that it was time to grant myself one ( for instance create some happy valentines day greetings). And while it’s easy to shift gear and get back to work, I was dying to draw something. Things were made simple by the fact that my best friend’s got me these lovely colors- I was waiting to use. I’ve got myself postcard paper, color pens that convert into water colors (with magic and water). And since the government of Iran has categorically decided to press charges against those celebrating a day- of lurve, I was almost obliged to make an artistic statement by drawing out some Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings. Sure, you may not believe in it, but like Shah Rukh Khan says, love’s the only thing you want to ever share…

#1 My Valentine’s Day greetings inspired by travel!

Clearly with my husband art and travel most definitely mix. While we miss our European adventures terribly, we need to get started with American movements. The temperatures in Michigan don’t quite make walking in the blizzards easy, but we’re not giving up. We spent the entire day in the Detroit Institute of Arts, gaping at classics, Van Gogh, Miro, and also tried sketching! In the end his favorite piece remained the Ford mural while I stayed close to my Van Gogh feelings.

Recently HuffPo ran a piece claiming “getting married is not an accomplishment”. It requires no special skills or mental abilities. If I had agreed with this before getting married, you could have dismissed this as being a case of sour grapes, or but you don’t know. But now I could say that it isn’t. The accomplishment is in being able to work hard on a relationship and sustain it in ways that makes us feel wonderful and true to our own selves. It’s hard finding anyone that we can truly connect with, so I’m grateful. The act of marriage itself though, isn’t the most inspiring thing about us. Nor is the Mangal Sutra, a Bindi, change in the last names, rings and a million other symbols- some of which I personally find deeply sexist. These don’t define us. They are mere choices we make in sharing or expressing ourselves. I’d much rather express us through our common love for him reading maps and me looking at things in awe, constantly stepping out of comfort zones. Maybe soon I’d learn how to draw cars, as he learns to see the emptiness of the world without lotus stems.

Handcrafted Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings Inspired by Travel someplace else upasna

#2 My Valentine’s Day greetings inspired by music!

Our baby Riyu is extremely inspired by the girlfriends in his day care center, and Shahid Kapoor or Shiela Paani on TV! He’s clearly on his way to stardom and dancing. And while we’re at it, documenting his likes at each stage seems to be like a project I could start a notebook for (Facebook seems like a small substitute). His favorite music currently:

  • Character dheela hai
  • My name is Sheila paani
  • Gandi baat
  • Chittiya Kalaiyan

I don’t know what else to say except that he likes pop music at 17 months :D.

Handcrafted Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings inspired by music Someplace else Upasna

#3 My Valentine’s Day greetings inspired by Tea!

We started drinking tea before the age of one at home. Coming from a cold region and growing up in homes without internal heating in Srinagar meant a kangari, infinite cups of tea, pherans and hot water bottles in the winter time. So, naturally, Riyu included, we like our gadam-gadam chai. The big picture is the same, and yet the detailing is different. Like our childhood clothes in the same colors inverted for effects. Nothing could ever replace childhood memories and what you become because you spend time growing up together in a certain way. Even if, we did our hair differently or choose sugar not salt for tea.

Handcrafted Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings inspired by tea someplace else upasna

#4 My Valentine’s Day greetings inspired by Loyalty and Trust!

I’m not necessarily into team colors, nor have I ever got myself any school shirts, despite having been to three different universities in three different countries. I’ve been shy and rather unsuccessful in amassing a whole big range of friends too. But, there are a few people who make me feel like I belong. Pradnya and I were roommates by sheer chance. But nothing in our friendship is random or uneven. We work because we work towards each other. Because no matter how differently we grew up, our connections stay true and vulnerable. We have no time to talk about things on the surface or get each other updated with small talk. We’re always on the same team.

Handcrafted Happy Valentine’s Day Greetings inspired by trust and loyalty upasna someplace else

How was your day of love? Who did you create cards for?


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