We had friends over last night and began talking about our adult to-do lists, from laundry to groceries to mowing the lawn. It didn’t take much to conclude that this is what adulting entailed. Growing up is not a choice. It’s a need. There’s no one left to blame for things. All our actions have consequences. We need the ability to recognize the hard edges of reality without being destroyed by them (even if it sounds unnecessarily profound).

The good news is that growing up has not destroyed my belief that I’ve improved emotionally since my younger days. I like growing older and feeling better about myself. And I am very happy to report that some of the nicest ladies I know inspire me each day to be kinder and more empathetic.

How to Keep Growing Up and What I Love About It!

This is a sketch I drew for my friend Lisa for her birthday. Our conversation this weekend led me to think about how wonderful it is to keep growing up like she does!

My list of what I LOVE about growing up

  1. Damn care
  2. Decluttering my life of influences/people and ideas that bring me down or make me feel negative
  3. Learning new things
  4. Exercising my choice in how I lead my day or what media I consume
  5. Seeing things are not black and white
  6. Not being over-influenced by any one idea or person without reflecting on what it means to me
  7. Defining my non-compromisables
  8. Giving myself access to my own time and practicing self-care
  9. Articulating what I feel
  10. Not being ashamed or guilty of what I feel or choose to like
  11. Choosing my battles
  12. Being conscious of not lowballing myself
  13. Asking for things/help and articulating ‘I don’t know’
  14. Making salads for lunch
  15. Controlling fast-fashion purchases as much as I can
  16. Traveling alone/ eating alone/watching a movie alone, but knowing the company I prefer for each of these
  17. Knowing designs/ art that speaks to me
  18. Choosing inspirations
  19. Confrontations
  20. Calling up local nurseries (because I will become an urban farmer :-))
  21. It’s going to be okay. There are things much worse in life than your hard drive dying.

I love this video about how to keep growing up…

Upasna Kakroo

Upasna is a published author and has been blogging since 2003. She solves marketing challenges by the day and sketches every night. Her children's books, illustrations and other creative products are available on this site for browsing & purchases. She currently lives in Plymouth, Michigan, in the United states.


Aashlesha · May 2, 2017 at 02:24

it’s funny how i am far from growing up and far too less wiser than what you are, but this post hits home. Especially pt #1, # 2, #3, #4, #6, #10 and oh i could list down almost all the points. you simply my thoughts and i love that! your posts make growing up easier!

    Upasna Kakroo · May 6, 2017 at 16:40

    Thank you for being so kind! Writing here makes my life easier 🙂 <3

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