If Not Now, When?

The Italian feminist grassroots movement, Se Non Ora Quando makes a powerful personal statement. If not now, when? What’s your threshold to make a difference, take a stand and change? It doesn’t need to be just feminism, but like Shay Shay says in the morning at 105.1- the bounce, what’s your jam?

if not now, then when someplace else

Topics that  genuinely spoil my creative high:

Mansplaining: The idea that a man feels the need to explain a topic (condescendingly) to a woman, who would for some obvious-to-him reason not have any understanding.

Everyday sexism: It’s not your age to wear this/ do that or say this. See this ad for example. Good on her that she goes to her girls trip to Goa. But she laughs when her husband sarcastically says, “now her age to wear a bikini has arrived (at 50).” What’s so funny and why is this a women’s day ad? Because we’re not worse than we were?

Mindless sharing: From Whatsapp to Facebook, we’ve become a community where over sharing is perceived as fun. People are sharing opinions and applauding shit without understanding what that means. A chief minister organizing mass weddings for women in India was considered a great act of charity. As if, we didn’t have enough people pushing patriarchy down our throats. Why is marriage for a girl such a desperate need? No one dies if they don’t get married. Why don’t we instead spend money on cancer research?

Areas that  genuinely I’m mostly interested in (because really, if not now, when?)

People with positive energies

Search for a single non-racist hair salon in Plymouth, Michigan


Standing up and working hard for what I believe in

Learning new things at work and home



Tasteful conversations

A hammock and summer spaces

What’s your jam?