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I remember those Facebook shares on the current generation not knowing what an audio cassette was, and then a thousand people sigh and comment on it. Considering how quickly (or slowly) people are moving to Kindles away from real books, this advert is just as poignant as it is hillarious. Will we see a time in our lifetimes, when people would not imagine real books at all? Do you still own real books? Will we need real “educational” video stories to assess books in the future?

It’s amazing how technology seeps into our lives without us realizing at times, and this advert really makes me wonder what is next. After exposing kids to technology and Google so early, do we rob their chances of real life discoveries? I will be heart broken if Riyu took to Kindle books over real books that smell of old paper, at times turning yellow. And yet, I know this may just happen. After all, my own concentration and patience with books is at an all time low such that, I am being offered to be read to- since I can’t go through entire books at times. Yet, I’ve not moved over to Kindle or the iPad to read a book. I prefer flipping pages, in reality, in tangible ways. I want to sit in a train doing that, not thinking about where I’d get to charge the machine next.

There’s also a serious and real threat of viral videos about the real “offline” world gaining ground, that companies seem to be latching on to. While most are meh, this one’s just smartly executed. I like it. Although, I can’t understand why IKEA needs to print out a catalogue in today’s times. Do people buy more because they see a written book umm rather Ikea BookBook? Or is it just hanging on to tradition? Or is this their way to differentiate by making it personal, snail mail sent, printed. Whatever the case, the video made a point.

I am such a big fan of Apples in a variety of formats: cooked, online. But I am still a purist and all books on my list need to come to me via snail mail. So far, I have not moved into the conditioning of thinking what really is real by definition. How does a story seem more real on paper than a screen like paper?

ikea bookbook do you own real books

And by the way, the joke’s not on Apple. The joke’s on us.

  1. I know what you mean. I am always torn on which side to pick. I think the next generation will always leave the previous ones far behind. It is inevitable, like our parents didn’t use calculators for maths and I remember my generation was the first to be allowed to take them in to the exams.

    I do however physically own all my books. Kindle just doesn’t cut it for me!

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