Ismat Chughtai: Dil Ki Duniya

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I may’ve mentioned before, reading a book titled Dil Ki Duniya makes people feel I am reading some trashy Hindi book that I bought secretly at the railway station. I endured smirks and general smugness in the train but thankfully kept at it.

It’s a book set in heartland UP, pre-independence, in a Muslim household, and yet given the times, challenging in its spirit. Jude-the-obscure-ishly questioning preset norms. Just how are marriage and love connected? Is love true, ever? If you felt Abu loved Ami so much, then like Rafiaa, do you put yourself under pressure to want that too? And faith.

Jab chaha dil ko samjhein, hasne ki aawaaz suni
Jaise koi kehta ho, le phir tujh ko maath mili
Dil sa saathi jab paaya, bechaini bhi saath mili
Tukde tukde din beeta, dhajji dhajji raat mili

Jiska jitna aanchal tha, utni hi saugaat mili
tu ne bhi hum ko dekha humne bhi tujhko dekha

tu dil hi haar guzra hum jaan haar guzre
yun teri rahguzar se deewana var guzre
kaandhe pe apne rakh ke apna mazaar guzre

These are personal and big concepts really. While I do have ideas on most, being rebellious about everything was high school. Now I think I believe as I know more, what I think can change too. Also I’d rather not be this way or that only to prove a point. But it’s provoking nonetheless. And not in a sordid, sad way, but in a fun, dehati, ironic humour way. That’s what she excels at.

And these mad characters who’re possessed by ghosts and still sound sane all the time. But then, I wouldn’t say much else, considering unpar jinn fida hain. 

PS: Intercepted by Meena Kumari verses I had on in the background for music

  1. Upasna,

    Beautiful verses. At times name of a book or even movie is so misleading. I remember a movie named JAWANI DIWANI way back in mid 1950s and the name was totally misleading as in the story the hero offers to marry a girl who is being deserted at the marriage MANDAP by the groom due to her father not meeting dowry demands. And they lived with a lot of social problems but happily there after.

    Take care

    PS : I am catching up with all pending posts and will leave comments on each.

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