I‘m late to the party and also just late in general. It feels like each month, I need to set aside time for reflecting on my intentions and how far along I can go with them. Here’s an update on my January mind-space and 2018 intentions. It’s going out to the universe. Maybe some will come back to hit me in the nose :D.

Let's All Pretend the Year Started Today- 2018 Intentions

Choosing to spend time in places that are inspiring

2017 was physically and emotionally harsh. I let people and places get to me. I could have died. But I learned that I have no power over externalities, bad genes or terrible people. All I am able to control is my response and my intent. It feels like I survived to live out this truth and that makes me feel empowered.

I’m very careful about who and where I spend every waking hour. I’ve realized that it’s okay to be mindful about how I expend my energy. It’s important to feel good and in my life, I get to be the hero making the choices. After all,

“How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour and that one is what we are doing”- Anne Dillard

Finding time for self-care

I used to dread or rather get irritated with the K-beauty routine. My beef with these people was that, how do they have this time? I definitely did not. Then I realized it’s not about beauty. But anything from exercising to reading to sketching or whatever else you like. It always felt like I didn’t have enough hours in the day.

But I seem to have infinite hours when I am not wasting them on my phone looking up social updates. I also almost never want to watch mainstream TV (especially news). And there’s no need to leave for work at 6:45am. I do not have to feel guilty if I sleep at 10pm or 9. I’m learning how to reclaim my hours. Winter is especially a good time for that (there are few distractions). None of these are easy, but they’re absolutely worth a try. Because if I don’t indulge in my own self-care, who will?

Focusing on what’s important

It’s hard to feel grateful when you’re feeling annoyed. The same way it’s hard to meditate when everything seems to be hectic and hard. And I am learning not to be hard on myself. I’d like to set intentions for each day, and focus on the positives rather than mulling over what did go wrong (and always would).

The opposite of hiding…

…Is confronting someone/myself with the truth. The most dangerous lies are the ones that we tell ourselves. I’m wanting to get outside my bubble of niceness and stop intrusions that I do not appreciate or enjoy. Increasingly. that means saying no, firmly.

I feel the inherent need to be joyful in my mundane or exciting day to day life. I’d like to meet people whose company makes me smile. Everything else is besides the point.

AND, I want to stay in #childpose forever. 🙂 How do you see this new year?

p.s. I am unable to find a good desk calendar. I’m feeling inclined to draw it out myself. Also, I want to find a spa/yoga retreat in the mountains. Do recommend?

Upasna Kakroo

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