Living in Bhagsu, coincidentally one thought…

I think I recently asked Ipshita, if coincidences even occur, and she reminded me of the Karan- Arjun song sequence. Oh well, like you know, we were talking about the movie this one day, and that same evening the song was playing on radio- and since it’s not a new song, it was quite weird really.

And, I had the bestest time in Mcleod-Bhagsu-Dharamkot ‘doing nothing*’, absolutely. We walked over conflict zones, conflict reactions, independence, freedom, and faith.
I know, coincidences occured in the past, but I also used to tell myself, that sometimes, in the good feel vibe, we even have the capacity to force-fit them.
And, then I probably didn’t know what I had faith in. Coincidences probably, didn’t even occur. Till they just do.
* Of course, after a Jab We Met journey, I had prayed to Babaji (multitudes on the rail station that we found) that I had had all excitement. Clearly though, nothing’s over till it’s over. And, we always think about the next day, the next day.
  1. I think one of the smartestest thing I learnt on the trip was to think about the next day, the next day.

    Thanks to thee Scarlett O’Hara

  2. Oh,I am happy to think that they might all add up to something, one day, if that’s what you’re saying. I say V for victory then 😉

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