Love is…

…what causes you to loose concentration.
…being attached to his magical personality.
…seeing his face everywhere.
…letting him drive with the hood down.
…when you can’t just get him out of your sight.
…a sigh.

( I was too awed to make these up. I generously borrowed from the Love is fan club)

  1. Totally S, helps if he’s the best :)!

    Dushyant- Don Draper has very old fashioned views on being straight.

    Tanvi- Wish I knew you were there too! though with the phone signals it would be near impossible to find you. Great day twas! 🙂

    R- hehe, I haven’t heard a Lady gaga song. You think I should? 😉

  2. Whatever Ups! I suggest kindly that you make your way to the back of the line. I have been adoring him far earlier than you can imagine. Just cause now you have seen him as well doesn’t mean you can serenade him as well…

    Like i said, I am hardly remotely jealous.

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