Manorama- Six feet Under…

I think its a very well made movie. The actors are brilliant, doesn’t seem like a first time directorial effort.

Somehow left me with an empty feeling. I so could not live in a sleepy town. It’s a scary mundane existence.

  1. There seems to be a Abhay Deol season going on, on Channel 4. Finally saw this on Saturday, as part of that. Really nice. Makes me wanna go and get myself a “safari” suit :-).

  2. 🙂 good on you…there are talks abt a digital city near Magarpatta…hvnt read the link u sent…lets see wht thts abt too…

  3. Wow…seems like I’m really late to the party!

    anyway, saw Manorama….. so now I really know what you meant by ‘sleepy’! Heh heh… pity I even mentioned Pune. Anyway, it was supposed to be sarcastic, as most of those who read it haven’t figured out.

    Shauny’s already done the needful, so no need to add more :)..but still..

    Some of them cud do well to read this:

    Some ‘wannbe’ city eh?

    Oh and in case no one’s noticed already… my loyalties lie _firmly_ with Pune. 🙂

  4. Pune is a wannabe city?
    Hmm … when most of your so-called metros were pies in the sky, say around 2000 years ago, there was already a flourishing town on the banks of the Mula and the Mutha! Take that, almost every other city city! 😀

    PS: All you women here who are enjoying your right to free speech are indebted to the people from Pune who began this whole revolutionary practice of educating women! 😛

  5. I thought being a Punekar, Kunal’s loyalties would be towards Pune 🙂

    @rohit- I want a picture from ur blog..will mail u the details…

    @neelam- Yeah well…my bias never allows me to accept it…though I agree with the wannabe aspect…

    @deepak- Abhay Deol /Gul panag etc…the ads are on TV

  6. pune gives sleepy a whole new definition. It is a wannabe city..sleepy is the right word, and if you aint speaking can get a lot sleepier:)

  7. @Kunal : Pune is so sleepy that when police kicks Mumbaite asses at 11:00 PM, they head to Pune to party. Pune is indeed a sad place. 😀

  8. No no the place they hv shown doesnt even come close…its like one of these places one never hears of ever…like Babina maybe…u know one only sees them as names of railway stations!
    Besides, I am too biased abt Pune! 🙂

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