Maybe I Need Some Belief And An Instagram Account

It’s been a tough year to begin with. I have been wanting to write on my own blog for a long while but somehow am not really finding the time (and also the energy). Sure, it’s a good thing to be occupied. But maybe I need some belief and an Instagram account to get rid of this hazy feel. Some real change, although to be fair, not getting to this blog was also a matter of prioritization. I had to learn how to focus and balance my energies. Having said that, I miss this blog. Inherently because it’ll always be my first love. For the past few weeks, I’ve tried everything:

  • a co-working office space (works in India)
  • getting up (much) earlier than before (6 a.m. – not again but definitely near 7s)
  • being more focused by making lists and excel sheets (yes)
  • more green tea (always)

And more. Eventually I have realized I can’t control it and I have to postpone writing as a hobby here. But then something wonderful happened, as usual. I got a birthday card from Y. I kept it out on the table for my husband to see. He did and thought that looked like me, or perhaps more like my drawings. Which was very flattering because, I wish I was so professional. And, more importantly, Y just knew what I would love and relate to. Thank you, Y.

Maybe I Need Some Belief And An Instagram Account Someplace Else Upasna Kakroo

My most lovely birthday card from Y which says I must believe. I hope in this year I inch towards it.

Naturally I would paint this afresh and make a copy, especially with my birthday paints thanks for Pradnya. Once I get to it.

And considering how much simpler our world is in paints and visuals, I think I’m finally giving in to Instagram– much after Tanvi said I could/ should. I just didn’t feel ready before. Now seems like the time. It’s much easier to stay updated there than on the poor blog. Not that I will stop blogging. But showing up on Instagram is easier and much faster. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve had a nervous few minutes on any new platform 🙂

You’re naturally welcome to join me, till I find you. I already did run into technical snags- but that’s a story for another day 😉

Oh and some years do feel like a rail-crossing. This felt quite apt for a first post.