Iam so over-planned for the week, that I am eager for Sunday to come by to plan more. The magic of a Sunday evening plan is slowly unraveling itself as I start Feb with its lovely intention of mindful eating.

Mindful Eating- The Magic of a Sunday Evening Plan

Sunday evening plans are magical, yes

Sunday evenings after a well-spent winter weekend are a torture. The idea of a Monday and a whole week ahead in extreme cold isn’t enticing. More so, if you’re driving 40 mins one way, each day to work. Because I made my calendars intentional, I am also pushing myself for self-care and finding more time. Planning the week is one way to cut down on anxiety led moments. Yesterday for the first time, I dug up Dropbox Paper to make a to-do list of food and clothing options. Just to give myself more time in the mornings and not rush.

A mindful eating meal plan

Pinterest has wonderful boards on mindful eating and options to look for when you’re preparing ideas for a meal. The most time consuming activity (also unnecessary anxiety) I face is – ‘what should I cook today?’ I wanted to get rid of the surprise. Ideally, one should plan before shopping. But for this week, I made a plan based on what was stocked up in my fridge.

  • Made a plan for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner
  • Selected some regular recipes
  • 3 new recipes using regular veggies (Pinterest/ YouTube)
  • A green/happy checkmark each time I am sticking to the plan

Note: I usually take left overs for lunch and make snacks in advance (e.g. oatmeal/Yoghurt mixes etc.). I also find doing dishes (by hand with warm water) therapeutic.

A plan for what to wear to work

Uniforms are an inherently safe and a meaningful choice. But I do not work in a job that allows for consistency like that. I am not necessarily brave/adventurous enough to make a choice and wear the same color each day too. I am still learning to understand what palette I prefer.

  • Made a detailed list of outfits for the week
  • Included shoes, scarves etc. in the outfit (because, why not!)
  • Feel Zuckerberg-ish reduction in decisions to be made each morning
  • Feel less guilty for not wearing all these clothes that I forget about

Note: I have way too many Indian clothes that I find heartbreaking not to wear. But cottons and light silks don’t work well with Michigan winters.

What are you doing to destress yourself? Let’s see how far I can go with all this planning too 🙂

Upasna Kakroo

Upasna is a published author and has been blogging since 2003. She solves marketing challenges by the day and sketches every night. Her children's books, illustrations and other creative products are available on this site for browsing & purchases. She currently lives in Plymouth, Michigan, in the United states.

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