Mulberries: At the airport…

…I wrote this play-it’s called Mulberries- a while ago. I hate it now. Cos in general, even by my paltry standards, I could do so much better. I first thought of it in between airports. I have this weird thing about airports, if something doesn’t go awry, something really does. And hence decided to have Paul & Wendy talk at an airport as well. Paul & Wendy are characters in the play- also people you meet at lunch hours on George square in 2006.

Recently someone asked for it. And someone else was airport-ing. So, well I thought of the airport as well.

At the airport

WENDY: If you’re beginning a hunt, it is wise to ask someone what you are looking for before you begin looking for it.

PAUL: That’s good for Winnie the Pooh. How about going with the flow? Like believing in instantly?

WENDY: Instant coffee, instant messages, instant money. Capish?

PAUL- I think you only know that it was instant in hindsight, not at that moment . Like a blindside, it catches you unaware

Paul keeps a note 

WENDY: .Oh you left some papers behind

PAUL: No, no, no it’s for you

WENDY: Oh. Coffee? You want to go out. I was wearing work clothes for such a while. So my daughters gave me this one dress for the birthday. That’s all the outdoorsy clothes I have

PAUL: I’ll see you seven then

WENDY: The girls don’t have anyone with them. I can’t leave so late

PAUL: I first went there in ‘65. The city was so different then, I was only a new guy in the city. People had no inhibitions, time was not a constraint, and there was no real running around. It felt so peaceful

WENDY: I’d rather say the time has increased, we do much more with it. Peace, love, self. Bah! Fancy words for the rich and the lovely. I spent all my life pretty much not thinking about all these

PAUL: And I think it’s about you. Rich and lovely are just incidental. And coffee isn’t expensive really

Is you is, or is you ain’t (Dinah Washington) plays in the background

  1. @chandana- hehe I sense ‘pent up’ airport emotions 🙂 I know what you mean and thank you!

    @ Shooting star- Thanks, will post some off and on 🙂

  2. Aaahhh.. Airports… dont even get me started..

    “PAUL: That’s good for Winnie the Pooh. How about going with the flow? Like believing in instantly?WENDY: Instant coffee, instant messages, instant money. Capish?”

    love this part 🙂
    Its pretty good!

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