Mulberry Days revisit…

Mulberries phase out too, and the taste changes remarkably. And the difference, too stark, too soon. I wonder what makes it worse- the speed of change, or the change itself. I guess in the long run the change, so guess the time doesn’t quite matter. 

I like coloured dreams very much.  Most of the times, I am so scared of them coming true, that I prefer to stay back, and hide behind the black-and-white drapes. Coloured ones come with an expiry date always, like mulberries. The redness fades, just as the cold sets in. I have this weird connection with dreams perhaps. Maybe, just maybe, the lack of sleep is just the denial to see the dream again. I getting quite fond of depriving the senses. Maybe, this is a sign, of something, too.

  1. @ my dear cruel passerby, I wish, so wish that I could call time the spoilsport…

    @manshu- i didnt even realise the font change 😀 fatte mare na kafi, hence 😀

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